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College Gameday Could Shut Out the Big 12 This Year?



ESPN’s College Gameday has visited nine Big 12 games since 2010,[1. Including three from Oklahoma State.] but for the first time since 1996, the Big 12 is in danger of not hosting Rece, Herbie, Corso and the crew during the regular season.

There’s no way they miss Baylor @ TCU…right?

Not so fast, my friend.

The game billed thus far as the de facto Big 12 Championship will be played on a Friday night – a non-qualifier for the giant orange bus to make its way to Ft. Worth. So, with that matchup off the table, which games have potential for a Saturday morning visit from Sam Ponder?

Nov. 7 – TCU @ OK State

Why they didn’t pick it: As you’ve no doubt heard, they’re headed to Tuscaloosa for LSU @ Bama…because Bama, right? Forget that it’s the third (and probably not last) time they’ve done an Alabama game this year; as the Playoff Committee releases their initial rankings, don’t be surprised if both of these SEC schools are in the top five. LSU travels to Bryant-Denny to find out just how good Leonard Fournette is. The highest-ranked one-loss team in the country vs. the Heisman frontrunner is a can’t-miss event, even for Gameday.

Plus, let’s be real, few outside of Stillwater are giving the Cowboys a shot to win this game.

Why they should have picked this game: They’ve already done Bama twice this season. I get that there’s an appetite for SEC matchups; but how better can ESPN feign that it doesn’t have an SEC-bias than by heading to Stillwater for this game? The town could definitely use something to celebrate right now, plus both teams are undefeated. The school and fans have always represented well while the crew was in town and CBS already has the Bama broadcast. It was a perfect storm for Gameday to pick up one of the few opportunities it had left to travel to Big 12 country, and we would have welcomed them with open arms.

Nov. 28 – Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

Why they won’t pick it: While a pair 10-1 teams would make this very attractive, the Big 12 will likely be clinched by the winner of Baylor @ TCU the night before. Let’s be real, OU already has a loss and it’s statistically unlikely that OSU enters this game without one; it’s feasible that both teams could have lost twice at that point, as well. Also, let’s not forget that Ohio State @ Michigan is that day…I’ve heard that’s usually a big game.

Why they could pick it: If Team Chaos rules supreme, the winner of this could be in the hunt for a College Football Playoff spot. Bedlam is no stranger to Gameday, having hosted it four times since 2003. It would be hard to pass up a great rivalry game between two top-15 teams. Especially in Stillwater.

Chances of getting Gameday: Low

Nov. 21 – TCU @ Oklahoma

Why they won’t pick it: If Baylor can beat Oklahoma without Seth Russell, there’s no way this happens. Especially, when there are matchups like LSU @ Ole Miss, UCLA @ Utah, Michigan St. @ Ohio St., and Baylor @ Oklahoma St. – all on the same day – it’s unlikely we see the gang rolling into Norman. This could be the greatest single day of college football this season.

Why they could pick it: Both teams will be right in the middle of a heated conference championship run. It’s not hard to imagine a situation where OU upsets the aforementioned Russell-less Baylor, TCU is still undefeated, and both are ranked in the top 10.

Chances of getting Gameday: Low-Medium

Nov. 21 – Baylor @ Oklahoma State

Why they won’t pick it: See previous point on how stacked this day is for College Football. This game comes after Baylor plays Oklahoma, and if the team struggles without Seth Russell, don’t expect ESPN to show them much love. Same goes for Oklahoma State’s showing against TCU. It’s going to be hard to make a case for the game if neither team are playing well.

Why they might pick it: Let’s assume Oklahoma State beats TCU (not a guarantee). Let’s assume that Baylor takes care of Oklahoma at home (still, not a guarantee). All of the sudden, this becomes a No. 7(ish) vs. No. 2 matchup. Now this game puts the winner in the driver-seat for the Big 12 title and a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Chances of getting Gameday: Highly likely depending on record.

Nov. 14 – Oklahoma @ Baylor

Why they won’t pick it: This season, Gameday has reveled in showing some love to the little guys. By dropping anchor at James Madison and Independence Hall for Temple in consecutive weeks (both with incredible crowds, by the way), the producers might be looking to keep it rolling and head to Houston for their game against Memphis. It’s possible that this game is still picked for the primetime ABC slot because Herbie will have no trouble getting up to Waco after a show in Houston. Alabama also heads to Starkville that weekend, and we all know how much ESPN loves them some Tide.

Why they should pick it: This one boils down to scheduling. Right now, the safe bet is that Baylor is 8-0 and Oklahoma is 9-1 with both still top ten in scoring in the nation. If there’s anyone not named TCU that can challenge Baylor, it’s OU. If Gameday doesn’t make it to Waco for this one, there’s a strong chance that the Big 12 gets passed all together this year.

Chances of getting Gameday: Best chance we’ve got left.

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