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Court storming tweets were amazing



I compiled all the tweets I could find after the game about what people thought on the court storming. Generally, people fell into one of the four categories presented here.

The first was the “ok, that was not good” group. This group of people wasn’t excited about it but they didn’t go all in on a Twitter rand.

The second was the Gottlieb group of people who were OK with it.

The third was the Bo Van Pelt “we’re better than that” group.

And the fourth, my favorite group, was the group who couldn’t help take themselves down in the process of trying to social media bomb everyone else. I took great joy in reading the tweets from this group.

The “wow, that wasn’t good” tweets


Wait, you got in the shower? OSU rushed the court like .0001 seconds after the horn. Were you watching from the shower?

The “I’m OK with it” tweets

The “come on guys, were better than that” tweets

Ok, kinda funny.

Wait, why is your handle “tweeting elf”?

The “your stupid” tweets

No, shame on yourself.

Your punctuation tells me differently.

Yeah, BRUH.

1990 called, it wants it’s joke back.

No, your #stupid!

I think the #littlebrother hashtag might have some legs.

My favorite of them all.



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