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Cowboys put up crazy numbers against KU



Photo Attribution: KT King

Photo Attribution: KT King

I asked OKC Dave to do some quick-hitting stats he finds for specific game, here’s what he found during OSU’s upset in Lawrence yesterday.

OSU scored 1.175 points per possession against Kansas, the highest mark by any KU opponent this year.

OSU grabbed 45% of the offensive rebounds available to them in the game. Since the 2003 season, OSU has played 194 conference games. 45% is the 15th-best offensive rebounding game in this time period. Our season average is 33%.

The game pace of 72 possessions is the highest for any OSU conference game this year so far. Since 2003, only 29 conference games have had a faster pace.

Marcus Smart gets a steal on 5.3% of defensive possessions he’s on the court for (8th in the country).

Pomeroy lists five statistically similar players for each guy in his database. Two of Smart’s five: James Harden & John Wall.

Pomeroy update: OSU is rated 18th overall (47th on offense, 11th on defense).

Here are the efficiency ratings for the KU game. A rating of 18.6 has been the average for the best player on OSU teams in the Sutton/Ford era.

Smart: 26 in 38 minutes
Brown: 26 in 38
Cobbins: 15 in 35
Murphy: 9 in 8
Jurick: 7 in 15
Forte: 5 in 33
Gardner: 3 in 6
Nash: 2 in 24
Sager: 0 in 3

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