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Daily Bullets



“If you look at the quarterbacks ahead of me, I beat every one of them.” (

Bedlam wrestling tonight and it’s not even the biggest match of the week. (NewsOK)

Good to have y’all. (OKTC)

Bill Haisten says 2012 will test OSU’s fan base when it comes to season tickets. (Tulsa World)

So who would you call not a timing and rhythmic guy, Mike? (NewsOK)

Agree with Ford here that the KU game took a lot out of them, it felt like the second half there was an entire game. (NewsOK)

Oh it’s so good to have you back, Dana. (ESPN)

“Weeden has just average arm strength.” Get a clue, Greg….get a freaking clue. (

Strong Northern Trust Open field for OSU alums: Mahan, Fowler, Van Pelt, and Howell III all playing. (PGA Tour)

Berry Tramel on Savannah State. They have 20 Ws in the last 12 years. (NewsOK)

Try to take time to read this. It’s really incredible what the Pac-12 is about to do. (Pacific Takes)

Three scenarios for OSU’s 2012 football season. (CRFF)

Yes, Missouri’s perimeter D was nasty. (NewsOK)

6’4 240-lb. defensive ends? Yes, please. (ESPN Insider)

Great new Cowgirl softball blog. (Cowgirl Softball)

Bad blood already, I love it. (ESPN Insider)

Pretty cool story for everybody out there hustlin’ to make it. (The Big Lead)

If you’re a Friday Night Lights guy (or gal) the quote in here from Riggins on a possible movie is all-time. (Grantland)

The quote in here about rich kids getting bored is really sad. (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)

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