Daily Bullets – 10.6

Written by Kyle Porter

Great story on Andrew McGee. Reminds me of the podcast I did with him 🙂 (NewsOK)

Nerdy recruiting news: this dude could provide retribution for us stealing CJ Curry. (ESPN Insider)

Some great thoughts here from Berry Tramel on what Mizzou’s perceived departure means for Oklahoma State. (NewsOK)

I wrote a column for the O’Colly about (gasp) why we should be rooting for OU right now. (O’Colly)

David Boren says the Big 12 is almost ready to extend invitations. (NewsOK)

I agree with John Helsley, this team hasn’t put together a complete game yet. When they do, it’s going to be scary. (NewsOK)

Exceptional work by OSU to get a virtual Ticketmaster. How cool would it be to be able to run your mouse over certain spots on the court and have a YouTube of famous plays pop up? (okstate.com)

Uh…duh. (ESPN)

Dodds on The Longhorn Network “It’d be like us going to Oklahoma State and saying, ‘Hey, you got $160m from Boone..we ought to have a share'” He kind of has a point.(Tulsa World)

Good stuff (as usual) from Gina here. And yes, I always wonder what Gilbert would look like on offense. (NewsOK)

Rickie Fowler is leading the Korea Open. (One Asia Tour)

This is really, REALLY funny. (h/t to Chad Ward) (A&M re-thinking SEC application)

Even A&M fans have jumped ship. (ShermTracker)

Pretty sure he’s kidding…

Incredible article on Steve Jobs. Dude was methodical. (CNN)

Also, here are all his Time magazine covers. (Time)

h/t to Ryan Cameron for the link. Take the two minutes, his quote at the end tears me up.

  • Cornbread85

    Hey, just got an inside tip that TCU is joining the Big 12 today. Press conference at 2pm………We’ll see.

  • Kyle Lucas

    Gooh really is an OU fan. And supposedly on OrangePower people are blowing this up talking about him needing to transfer. Just crazy, if I had the opportunity to play at the premier program for my sport or choose the school I cheer for, I would choose the one that would most help my future career. In gooch’s case, that means going to the best golf school to help with his professional golf career.

  • G-Block

    UT has taken my beloved OU’s place as the team I love to hate. (Okay, Notre Dame is still up there, too.) I hope OU drills the ‘horns by 50 points and sends three or four defensive tackles and linebackers to the infirmary (and miss the OSU game).

    In fact, I’ve been rooting for every team that plays against UT and aTm this year. I have no idea what to do when the two Texas schools play one another. Any suggestions?