Daily Bullets

Bill Haisten pretty much agrees with us. (Tulsa World)

Travis Ford has some pretty cool things to say about Keiton here. (NewsOK)

Tyshawn Taylor’s mom, as only KT King could capture her. (Cinemagram)

Who are Mutt and Jeff? (NewsOK)

Travis Ford calls Keiton Page the Big 12 player of the year. Wow. (Tulsa World)

Jenni writes a pretty good “we all love Keiton” piece. (NewsOK)

OSU picks up its first commit for 2013, and he’s a 4-star WR. (Rivals)

We’re going to help out with this and I’ll tell you how in the coming weeks. (okstate.com)

Chase Stevens is your Big 12 baseball newcomer of the week. (Note: in the picture on this post, Baylor is wearing Under Armour baseball unis. They have to be the only school in the country sponsored by Nike, Adidas, and UA in football, basketball, and baseball respectively). (Big 12 Sports)

You can vote John Smith into the Olympic Hall of Fame here. (Team USA)

Jamie Blatnick ran a 4.9 and benched 225 28 times. (NFL Combine)

This is insane, does this really happen?? (NewsOK)

Ubbs looks at the OSU quarterback battle. (ESPN)

Christian Littlehead is sentenced to…well…nothing really. (NewsOK)

Griffin is on the cover of NCAA ’13 but we get to vote Barry Sanders on there with him. (Pro Football Talk)

Liz Donohoe wins Big 12 Freshman of the Week for the fourth time. (Big 12 Sports)

I laughed. (Twitter)

If the question is “is this an NCAA violation?” The answer is most likely, “yes it is.” (NewsOK)

Matt Hinton is calling it quits. Dr. Saturday will never be the same. (Dr. Saturday)

Should be fun…

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  • KT

    Tyshaun’s mom.. she was NUTS.
    She was dancing and rubbing herself all over… it was wild. Like stuff you could only see at the Dragons Lair, but with clothes on.

  • Jon

    I feel like Ubbs puts up a 3′ x 3′ Big XII poster behind his head and uses a $25 webcam to do his videos. He is a munchkin of a man and having him be that close to the camera is just a little weird.

    He is absolutely right though, we will see how the QB play comes out next year. All they have to do is just get that ball into playmakers hands and let them do their thing. No reason Chelf should be trying to throw 35 yard fades to Anderson, etc.

    With bball being a disappointment this year, I am looking forward to next year’s football season and hopefully a much improved bball team.

    Lastly, will we even go to the NIT? If not, oh well, here’s to hoping for next year!

    • Nate is the Delta Bravo King

      I was thinking the exact same thing…lil. I figured he stole it before it went in the trash…

  • Hunter

    Anyone else see Bob Knight after the game call Page “probably the best outside shooter in the country in college basketball when under pressure”?

    • Chris

      Off of a “down screen”?