Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Of all people to call out, Jenni Carlson chooses Lou Holtz? (NewsOK)

Four players have scored four TDs in a game since Gundy took over: Justin Blackmon, Dez Bryant, Kendall Hunter, and now Joseph Randle. (Tulsa World)

Everyone seems to think that Isaiah Anderson is going to replace Hubert Anyiam, but that Michael Harrison should. (NewsOK)

Rivals has Joseph Randle as their surprise player of the week. Not really sure why… (Rivals)

When do we start freaking out about this? (Tulsa World)

Anthony Slater gives the Cowboys a “B” for the second straight week. (O’Colly)

Ubben says the Big 12 title runs through Stillwater. (ESPN)

Okay, I don’t need Brandon Weeden slamming his hand in the laundry room door. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls remain unbeaten with a win over Baylor and a draw against A&M over the weekend. (okstate.com)

Rivals still projects OU as its Big 12 winner. (Rivals)

People are starting to figure out that this OSU team is more than just Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon. (Dr. Saturday)

Dave Sittler with a great point: if there was ever a time for OSU to be upset it was at Columbia with a slew of injuries trying to take them out of the game. (Tulsa World)

I love that the defense’s only goal is to get the offense the ball back. (NewsOK)

It’s ironic that OSU controls its own destiny because a bunch of computers think the Big 12 is the best league. (NewsOK)

Tom Fornelli says turnovers killed Mizzou. (CBS Sports)

Funny story about Kendall Hunter and his basketball-playing girlfriend. (NewsOK)

Ubben says OSU couldn’t care loss about OU losing. (ESPN)

Gulp. (ESPN)

Jenni Carlson breaks down the rest of OSU’s opponents. (NewsOK)

The coaches aren’t at all worried about all the drops. I agree with them. (NewsOK)

Stew Mandel has the Pokes in the title game as well. (Sports Illustrated)

Bill Haisten: “Mike Gundy is making Turner Gill money while winning at a Frank Beamer clip.” (Tulsa World)

Non-sports, but this x 100000. (New York Times)

Royce Young with some great thoughts from the charity game I helped cover last night. (ESPN)

Speaking of last night, is this what you want out of your point guard?

Highlights from Saturday…

This is on the front of the Oklahoman’s OSU page right now…

  • One game at a time folks, one game at a time….BUT DAMN THIS IS FUN!!

    Oh, and BTW…GUNDY ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE, CONTRACT OR NO CONTRACT. Guaranteed the two parties work out whatever they need to AFTER the season, but right now it’s all about winning the next game.

    So let’s stick to that conversation…PLEASE…

    • Honestly…you think BP will allow money to be an issue with Gundy if he delivers the Holy Grail, or something close to it (Big 12)?

  • don

    I love the fact ESPN & SI now have OSU in the title game. Pray its not a jinx.

  • Funny, Mandel picked OSU to finish 8-4, 5-4 in conference…based on a “lack of faith in Todd Monken.” Nice to see he’s come around.


  • CowboyKS

    Glad I didn’t have Slater as a professor. He’s a tough SOB on grading.

  • CowboyKS

    Are Randle and Smith getting faster the more they play?

  • maxthepoke

    (Reads ESPN Big 12 blog) Head swims…..repeated pinching of self….Blinks repeatedly and re-reads article for 10th time….

    Lets all enjoy the ride!! Press ON!

  • Kirk

    Kisses. Kyle that’s my question. When did Randle start blowing kisses to the crowd after a touchdown? How is not a penalty? I saw him do it twice…. Story?

    • Reed

      I was wondering that, too. After what happened to KState in their bowl game, I hate to see anything like that going on.

      • Mark

        That makes three people wondering the same thing. Wouldn’t blowing kisses be something akin to saluting, which, IIRC, isn’t allowed?

  • G-Block

    I, too, would choose Isaiah Anderson to take Anyiam’s position as the left wide out. He has the speed – I remember hearing that he had Justin Gilbert-like speed – to keep safeties and corners honest. The biggest noticeable drop in productivity will be Anyiam’s blocking on the perimeter. He could turn a 10-yard run into a 40-yard gallop.

    I’m glad that we have Baylor this week for Anderson to build his confidence with increased reps during the game.