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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets



First, a note. I posted yesterday about our push to raise a little cash to give to Coach Budke court. I set the mark at $250 thinking “that would be a great amount to write a check for and it seems like we could feasibly reach that over a few days.”

Well, we reached it in one and a half hours and the support hasn’t stopped yet. We hit the $400 mark late last night so I’ve reset our goal to $500. We have until Saturday to get $89 more and I promise I won’t reset it again.

Oh yeah…and you guys are the bomb. Nolo and I were texting all day yesterday about how blown away we were that somebody other than us actually cared about this kind of thing. So thank you for the money, thank you for understanding what we’re doing, and thank you for telling your friends.

It’s going to be pretty awesome to write Shelley Budke a letter in a few weeks and say “hey, I have this blog and my readers are awesome and together we all raised $500 to donate for Kurt’s court.”

That’s going to mean something, so thank you.

On to the bullets…

Last chance to get in our bracket challenge, we’re up to 333 people!! (Yahoo!)

Oh my. (Tulsa World)

John Helsley says three positions are in desperate need of getting filled in Stillwater and one isn’t where you’d expect it. (NewsOK)

John Lucas had 24-3-1 against LeBron and the Heat last night. (ESPN)

And here are some great shots of John Lucas from the game. H/t Adam Kemp (Chicago Tribune)

Amazing headline. (ESPN)

Other amazing headline. (CRFF)

Interesting facts and figures on Gundy’s contract here. (NewsOK)

So OSU doesn’t have a shot at the national title…but they do. (NewsOK)

Jacob Russell on the upbringing of Jamal Parks. (O’Colly)

You’re missing out on Justin Gilbert! (ESPN)

The Oklahoma State women are a finalist for the “Together We R” team award. You can help them out by liking the video below…

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