Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

We can’t go into a mediocre Big 12 season with a chance to go back-to-back and stick a frosh at the helm…can we? (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten says OSU is going to run it a lot more this season. I concur. (Tulsa World)

Daytawion Lowe wants to ride Bullet out of the tunnel in BPS. (NewsOK)

Cowboy baseball went 1-2 against Texas over the weekend. (okstate.com)

Justin Blackmon is ranked the 2nd best WR in the draft by the New York Times. (NYT)

So much conjecture going on right now, but here are some thoughts on Blackmon to the Rams. (ESPN)

James Poling with a story (and nice shout to my boy, Kevin DeShazo) about how Tweeting at recruits means you committed an NCAA violation. It also means you’re a putz. (O’Colly)

Interesting comments here from Gundy on the health of his defense. (NewsOK)

Jamison Hensley on the Weeden/Gruden tape. (ESPN)

Good Q&A with Larry Reece here, including some really nice comments on Eddie. (NewsOK)

Peter King says Cleveland’s GM wants Blackmon but Mike Holmgren might still want Tannehill. Also, Pete Carroll is in love with Tannehill. And there’s a great bit about Luck in here (I posted the video below). (Sports Illustrated)

I like what Gina did here in comparing the 2011 receivers to the 2012 receivers. Good insight. (NewsOK)

Welp, I suck. (O’Colly)

Crazy story about an ultramarathoner who died recently. (Washington Post)

Yeah, this is all kinds of awesome. (Caine’s Arcade)

You’ve probably seen it, but just in case you haven’t…

And you definitely haven’t seen this (from the Peter King piece)…

  • Skylar

    Blackmon #2, LOL

    • Nate

      Texas’ offense, LOL

  • Chance

    In the O’Colly article about social media and recruits, I didn’t catch what the punishment was for tweeting a potential recruit (maybe I missed it, kinda sped-read through). What can the NCAA do to me?

    • Kyle Porter

      Hah, nothing to you, but it can be a secondary violation for OSU (loss of scholarships etc.)…though there’s no real way to manage it at this point. They’d be doling them out to every school every day.

      • Chance

        Ah, so I can tweet OU recruits all day long then?

        • G-Block


      • ks1010

        I have heard that they are considering getting rid of all NCAA rules regarding monitoring coaches/colleges being able to contact recruits. Essentially it is becoming almost impossible for the NCAA to regulate with all the social media, texting, etc. It is only hurting the people who actually follow the rules. It’s going to come down to the only rule is you can’t contact a recruit until after July 1 going into their senior year, then it is a free for all. I did hear this from a coach within a D1 program…so I feel like it is somewhat reliable this may happen.

  • hnolan3

    this draft stuff is dumb…..just get em on a team so they can give the middle finger to everyone and dominate….its gonna happen anyway….what the hell is so special about tannehill? As soon as someone hits him he is going to be injured again anyway….geez get off his nuts gms.