Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

OUTSTANDING feature on Justin Blackmon. (Sporting News)

Weeden is going to be on every ESPN outlet you’ve ever heard of today. (NewsOK)

Eddie Sutton is a Tiffany Bias fan. (Tulsa World)

Justin Blackmon’s favorite moment at OSU was tearing down the goalposts against OU. (okstate.com)

This is just all kinds of awesome. (Yahoo!)

Good stuff from Jenni Carlson on why OSU’s girls keep playing. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart is playing in the McDonald’s All-American game tonight. On ESPN at 8:30. (Tulsa World)

Interesting look at where everybody in the Big 12 is projected to go in the NFL draft. (ESPN)

The list of WR taken with the #6 pick in the draft has been pretty impressive. (ESPN)

Baseball squeaks past Arkansas-Little Rock 9-7. (okstate.com)

Not a Bleacher Report fan, but this list of the 50 best WR ever is pretty interesting. (Bleacher Report)

You can vote for Barry Sanders to be on the front of NCAA ’13 with Griffin here. (Facebook)

Berry Tramel says Frank Martin leaving for SC hurts the Big 12. Yep, but it helps OSU, so who cares?? (NewsOK)

Here are some pics of the Blackmon/Irvin outing on Tuesday. Two thoughts: first, Justin – Adidas gloves and UA cleats are a bad combo, nothing good can come of this. Second, am I out of my mind or does it look like Playmaker can still play? (Picasa)

This insane Peyton Manning saga detailed by Peter King includes highlights from Stillwater. (Sports Illustrated)

Hilarious pic of Robin Ventura in some throwbacks the Sox will wear on Sundays this season. (Twitpic)

Here’s the cover of the Final Four program. (IMG)

Michael Irvin is cray (STOP SAYING “TALK ABOUT…”!!!)…

  • Wayne H

    “As Bob Stoops reaches for a bag of food, he is immediately speared by Mike Gundy’s hair. Gundy takes the food and heads off”. Totally made my morning.

  • Colin

    I’m not a big Michael Irvin fan, but that is an awesome video

  • Mark

    The part about Coach Snyder sucking the life out of a couple others and getting younger was my favorite lol!

  • wow, that Michael Irvin video was straight money. He is hilarious. Pretty awesome how he took an interview like that so seriously, like he was doing outside the lines with Bob Ley or something, haha.

    • Wooly

      Totally agree with Q,
      When I hear someone say ‘talk about ____’, what I hear is: ‘I want to ask you ___, but I’m too lazy or incompetent to try and formulate my thoughts into an inquisitive sentence.’

  • Q

    Pistolsguy, talk about how much you hate people starting an interview question with “talk about”…

  • Jon S

    “He’s made more circus catches than a trapeze net”

    ^That’s awesome

  • Scott

    I thought we were keeping our receivers away from Michael!

    • Justin

      Its not Irvin we have to avoid. Its his “primetime” buddy, Deion.