Daily Bullets

Good breakdown of the WNIT championship from Gina Mizell. (NewsOK)

Cool comments from Toni Young on the NIT run. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel says the Cowgirls should be much stronger (and better) next season. (Tulsa World)

Some terrific quotes from Travis Ford on what this season was like and what he’s looking forward to next year. See why he “almost strangled Le’Bryan” the other day. (NewsOK)

Equestrian win the Big 12 championship. (okstate.com)

Cool sort of oral history of Kurt Budke’s career. (O’Colly)

“What in the (shoot)?!” (NewsOK)

Not a good weekend for the baseball team. (okstate.com)

Here’s Anthony Slater’s take on the sweep by Baylor. (Slater Sports Blog)

But Hunter Mahan won the Shell Houston Open! (PFB)

How much should we have paid him? (Kansas City Star)

Jenni Carlson on the character concerns of Justin Blackmon. (NewsOK)

Mechelle Voepel talks about how inspirational the OSU women’s NIT win was. (ESPN)

The ten best football/basketball schools in the country? Our friends to the south (three of them actually) made it. (Sporting News)

Ben Allen doing big boy things with NPR. (NewsOK)

  • Chance

    Bill Self is quite amazing. I hope they win even though I picked Kentucky to win it all.

  • Scott

    we should have paid him whatever he asked for. he’s in the finals with zero McDonald’s all-americans on his roster. Kentucky has 5. Ohio State has 5. Louisville has 3. He was the absolute, hands-down perfect choice to bring this once-proud program back to where it was and even much much further. We have 1 McD’s all-american on our roster (2 next season) and we had a losing record.

    • KNelson

      If it was about money, he would have been the head coach after Sean.

      • FreeMason10


  • Chase

    True it wasnt about money becuase everyone knows Boone was throwing his wallet at self and he still declined……clearly it wasnt money.