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Holder actually said something I agree with. He wants more than four teams in a playoff. (NewsOK)

You can vote on the 2012 Golden Spikes award winner. Heaney is in second place right now. (Golden Spikes)

Uh, how were we his only offer? (ESPN Insider)

Haha, Tony Allen at CB. This is awesome. (ESPN)

Interesting, OSU has just north of 20 scholarships to use for 2013. (Scout)

One PGA Tour writer picks Fowler to win the Memorial. (PGA Tour)

I guess this is a little old now, but a cool pic of Desmond… (NewsOK)

Sunny Galloway doing work on Jim Traber. (NewsOK)

Cowboys get 2013 commitment #5 from a massive offensive lineman. (Rivals)

Jordy Mercer – baller. (MLB)

Amazing article on the many faces of James Harden. (Grantland)

The Lost Ogle getting some props from SI. (Sports Illustrated)

This is Travis Ford’s nephew whose first name is, strangely, Ford.

Sure, go ahead, twist the knife, we’re good.

Oh this is not good…

Very nice.

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