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Uploaded a new commenting system today. Not much has changed, except now you can login with Twitter or Facebook (or I guess Google+). Let me know if you guys have any issues with it.

Really cool interview (no age questions!) with Brandon Weeden. (ESPN)

Wow, Big 12 presidents love Chuck Neinas. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the Brodie Myers show, I called in around the 3-minute mark and first time long timed him. (Blog Talk Radio)

Ubben doesn’t think OSU will have a 1,000 yard receiver. (ESPN)

What is this?! From Holder on Frank: “When Frank took this job, no one anticipated that he would be faced with four years of scholarship reductions averaging more than 1.6 scholarships per year due to miscalculations by an individual responsible for calculating and monitoring athletically related financial aid.Even though Frank was not responsible for the errors, he never used the situation as an excuse. I regret that he didn’t get nine years with a full allotment of scholarships and a level playing field with the competition.” (Tulsa World)

Andrew Heaney – first team All-American. Duh. (NewsOK)

Philip Jurick was charged with a misdemeanor. Can you taste the excitement of the offseason?! (Stillwater Newspress)

A lot of Big 12 realignment stuff in here but the most intriguing thing is an eight team national playoff that essentially makes the title games of the big four conferences (Pac-12, Big 12, SEC, Big 10) the quarterfinals. That’s pretty fascinating. (CBS Sports)

Cool story on how Luke Del Rio came to his decision about Oklahoma State. (ESPN Insider)

One O-Stater made Ubben’s NFL All-Big 12 defense. (ESPN)

An affidavit has been submitted to the DA. I feel like I’m on an episode of Law & Order. (O’Colly)

Can anyone confirm that this is our Tony Lindsay? (CBS Denver)

Heck of a story here by Tom Verducci on four minor league baseball players and their decisions about using steroids (includes a mention of Oklahoma State). (Sports Illustrated)

And here’s video of your new Cowboys QB.

Watch more videos of Episcopal football

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