Daily Bullets

John Hoover destroys #81 in this post, and nails every point. (Tulsa World)

Andrew Heaney, first round pick. (NewsOK)

Marlins fans are less excited about it than I am. (Marlin Maniac)

The Marlins scouting director lives in Oklahoma and Heaney is the second first rounder he’s taken from there in the last three years. (Baseball America)

This is hilarious by Ventura: “when I signed, I gave myself a bonus.” (ESPN Chicago)

Blackmon pleads not guilty. (NewsOK)

Wow, Toni Young might be an Olympian. (NPR)

And so might Coleman Scott. (okstate.com)

Ubben nails it on the Blackmon situation also. (ESPN)

Brandon Weeden isn’t a lock. [giggles] (Plain Dealer)

Tough to keep Blackmon off this list but since there are no WR on it, I guess I’m good. (ESPN)

Ubbs says Randle will rush for four digits again. (ESPN)

Blackmon could get jail time. (Big Cat Country)

Morgan Hoffman doing some work to get in the U.S. Open. (NJ.com)

  • Stfoster865

    I am glad you didn’t write this blog when Eddie barreled into 2 other cars after a full afternoon of Oxycotin and Makers cocktails. The level of media coverage is on this issue is a joke, Donte Stallworth played in the Superbowl this year and he killed a man (didn’t see a day in Jail).

    IMO drunk driving is a bad deal especially when you are a first round pick that hasn’t signed a contract. But, I would say that murdering animals, rape, theft, high volume drug trade, murder, unlicensed possession of weapons, spousal abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted murder are probably a bit worse. All crimes of current NFL players, so lets pull the throttles back a bit Pistols Guy. Go take a practice GMAT test if you need to blow off some steam.

    • ChanceDM

      Nah, I think any outrage is justified.  And PistolsGuy is not an NFL blogger, he’s an Oklahoma State blogger, so he writes about things involving former OSU players.   If Weeden went on a killing spree, he would probably write about that too.  

    • Pistols Guy

      I liked your last line. I own the practice GMAT.

      But other than that, your comments were pretty embarrassing. When you have to justify someone’s actions by saying “at least it wasn’t high volume contraband trade!” that’s probably not a good sign.
      Why does everyone get off on defending a dude who was plowing the yellow line and approached a level of insobriety that would have killed most of the women I know?

      I don’t care if effing Gandhi was the one who was drunk driving in Stillwater on Saturday night, there’s no way anybody can provide enough coverage to something that kills 10,000 American a year and could be easily avoided.

      So you damn well better believe that when a player on a team I write about is involved, I’m going to house him/her hard. 

      Like I said earlier, it’s not like he got called for offensive pass interference.

      • Stfoster865

        I was in your GMAT class in 2007

        My point is more recruiting, IPF, Rickie/Hunter/Bo, or hell even some coverage on the Darrell Williams trial. Three days in a row of constant DUI coverage is enough.

        • Pistols Guy

          I write about all those things as well. I’ve written one post about Blackmon, posted one picture, and done my normal links (which I’ll continue to do until punishment comes down) – that’s not exactly going over the top.

          Sorry you were in my class btw, I was a terrible teacher, hope you did well on the test though.

    • Like it or not, this IS the normal level of media coverage for something like this in today’s fast-paced information overload world. If the Eddie situation had happened this year, it would’ve received as much attention as the Petrino situation did. If you’re in the public eye, you have to watch what you’re doing because everyone else is.

  • My goodness.   The point of the Bullets is to give OSU fans one source where they can find OSU-related posts, columns and news stories.  Why would he not link them?  Whether people like it or not, it’s still a story!  We haven’t seen a punishment yet or how this will affect his contract negotiations.  If you don’t like the story, don’t click those links.  

    Nobody is judging him but to blow this off because he’s a good kid absurd.   Grace and mercy apply to him as much as anyone, but that’s not what this is about.  He’s a public figure, and he IS held to a higher standard than the average person.

  • Wooly

    From the NewsOK headline, did he plead not guilty, or just post bond to get out? That seems odd and ill informed. I did not see mention of it in the article. Not guilty= trial and possible jail time, no contest usually = fines and community service.

    • CRJ

      Not guilty. You would be silly to plead guilty from the outset on something like this. It is: 
      1. A misdemeanor
      2. No discovery has been turned over yet. For all we know the cops could have screwed this up completely and he could walk if he hires a skilled lawyer (Cheryl Ramsey). 
      3. Not guilty preserves a number of his rights which, as any red blooded Skynnard listening American you’d want to preserve. 
      4. One of the more essential avenues of justice he availed himself of was the tactic of plea bargaining which is what will most likely happen in this case. 

      • KS1010

        Actually pleading No Contest is what people typically due in this situation for a first time offense in Oklahoma, which results in a deferred sentence and after a time frame of typically a year of probation the record is expunged given he does not get in anymore trouble and adheres to whatever requirements the judge lays out.

        • KS1010

          do*….sorry for the bad grammar