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Daily Bullets



This is the project I’ve been working on for about a month now. It’s going to launch on the day of the opening ceremonies in London and I’m really pumped. Essentially, it’s going to be a daily collection of the best sports stories on the web (sort of like Longform, but for sports) that I’m building so you guys (and girls…and your friends!) always have something good to read whether you’re bored in class, stuck on the train home, or just hanging out on the couch at night.

Feel free to follow on Twitter at @sports_reads and sign up to hear more about the launch in July. Also, if you find a great story or just something you think was excellently written, feel free to tweet it and tag it with the #SportsReads hashtag. That will really help me save time looking for stories and give you a stake in the maintenance of what, I hope, is a really cool website. (Sports Reads)

On to the Bullets…

Yeah well, doesn’t do much good now. (Sports Illustrated)

Uh, I’m pretty sure Florida State would offer TV value to the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Wow, I mean…WOW. (Business Insider)

Pete Incaviglia’s new life. (Amarillo Globe-News)

John Smith selected as an honorary assistant coach for the Olympics. This should be an every-Olympics thing, no? (NewsOK)

Dennis Dodd looks at the job security of football coaches. Gundy? “Can’t be touched.” (CBS Sports)

OSU swiped this guy from LSU yesterday. Josh Holliday already doing work. (ESPN)

All of it. (Yahoo!)

OSU up for an ESPY for the second straight year…and why that’s not a good thing. (ESPN)

I think this should be the new football motto: “shouldn’t change any.” (NewsOK)

First, becoming the Oregon of the midwest. Next, taking over the Oregon of the west coast. (

New defensive end. (Scout)

They’re already taking Marcus Smart away… (ESPN Insider)

Toni Young, the Deion Sanders of OSU. (NewsOK)

My brother, famous. (Jim Romenesko)

Sooo…this happened.

The lesson as always, Boone owns Twitter.

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