Daily Bullets

If you have two hours…read this on the air raid (video of Dana!) (Smart Football)

OSU’s three football players at media days are…underwhelming. (NewsOK)

Not much happened in the Darrell Williams case yesterday. I still don’t know how I feel about this whole situation. (Tulsa World)

Uhhh…this still hasn’t been fixed on OSU’s YouTube page? (PFB)

This is pretty funny, well, mostly funny. (ESPN Playbook)

Only Texas, OSU, and Iowa State won’t take a QB to Big 12 media days. (ESPN)

Good story on Coleman Scott’s sendoff to London. (NPR)

The stats say Gundy is OSU’s best coach ever…by a lot. (ESPN)

Haha, why CRFF wants to play NCAA ’13 with RGIII on OSU’s squad, I laughed. (CRFF)

Michael Bishop, Wayne Simien, and Kurt Budke to be inducted into the Kansas sports hall of fame. Pretty cool. (Wichita Eagle)

Also just a reminder that you guys did THIS.

Talor Gooch dropped a 64 at the US Publinx yesterday. The Publinx is like the U.S. Amateur and the winner gets a trip to Augusta next year. Match play starts today. (Golf Pigeon)

How do we feel about the Team USA unis? I’m thumbs down. (Twitter)

  • Lance Smith

    OSU doesn’t have access to youtube’s css files, they can’t just simply override that. In short; nothing OSU can do to fix that outside of changing the title of the clip to better fit the space.

  • Lance Smith

    Or I am guessing that they feel like I do and think that it’s pedantic.

  • Scott

    i looked “Pedantic” up in the dictionary and STILL don’t know what it means.

  • Mark

    Loved the “RG3 on my NCAA ’13 team” post… I totally concur.

    For me, the most interesting part of the article breaking down the Air Raid concept was the part about the O-line. I haven’t ever really considered how spread out the O-line usually is; I found that part fascinating.

    • Chase

      So your underwhelmed by our best RB and best O-linemen going? I get your case with Cooper, he hasnt done much on the field but im guessing he picked him because he’s prolly a intellegant speaker with the microphone in front of him……Interesting on why you dont like the other two though….guess you only want Chelf, Lunt, and Walsh to go!!!!

  • Lance Smith

    Scott, in this case, “unduly emphasizes minutiae”