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Daily Bullets



“I think they will be favored at Baylor.” Uh yeah, really? (NewsOK)

Honestly, this just gives the rest of us hope. See #66. (Talkers)

Not sure how I missed this, but OSU as a malt liquor. (EDSBS)

Quinn Sharp probably won’t touch any scoring records. (NewsOK)

Pokelahoma wonders if Penn State can happen to us. (CRFF)

No photographs at fan appreciation day? (

So I wasted about an hour on this site yesterday. (Twingulate)

I keep vacillating between “we’re reloading!” and “we’re rebuilding!” and I still don’t know where I land. (FOX Sports)

Grantland rips on Bryant Reeves. OK, it was kind of funny. (Grantland)

Your weekly PGA power rankings includes one OSU guy. (PGA Tour)

Jimmie Tramel previews Robert Allen’s book. The Budke stuff is pretty funny. (Tulsa World)

Only one Big 12 player on this year’s Olympic team. (Rivals Cup)

Love this pic of Weeds. (Plain Dealer)

At what point do we become nauseous at the sheer volume of preseason watch lists? Are we there? (

I’m planning on using the Facebook page a lot more this fall and I’d appreciate your thumbs up on it (I’d provide a thumbs down for Nate and others if I could)…and thank you to those who have already given it.

Re: Dez’s arrest, this killed me…

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