Daily Bullets

Hat tip to Paul Duane for finding our must read of the day on former OSU defensive star John Corker and his bout with drugs and homelessness. (Star-Telegram)

Wow, Mike Holder got a little sensitive about that Boone article written a few weeks ago and wrote a letter to the editor. (WSJ)

Krazy Days start today, tweet me any sweet gear you find in Stillwater. (Stillwater Chamber)

This is really starting to get intriguing. (NewsOK)

Poling is right here, don’t make your coaches/athletes all-powerful. (O’Colly)

Royce Young’s analysis of the Lost Ogle Oklahoma celebrity draft is hilarious. (The Lost Ogle)

Boone likes Drake’s pizzazz. (NewsOK)

Five Cowboys on the All-Big 12 team. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU no longer playing the Clemson series. Bummer. (NewsOK)

OSU football team visits Children’s Hospital. Love the pics of Randle. (Tulsa World)

Two OSU recruits competing in the 7-on-7 state championship this weekend. (ESPN Insider)

  • Garyosu

    As an OSU and Drake alum, I should’ve known that Boone line wasn’t referring to my second Alma Mater

    • Pistols Guy

      Haha this killed me.

  • Nate

    Ford is going to look like a complete idiot (I already think he is) if Williams is found guilty

    • Pistols Guy

      This is true, you’re really putting yourself out there if you’re him with statements like he made…pretty all or nothing.

      • Jadecy

        Ford couldn’t identify a point guard or starting five, but now he’s suddenly “Matlock” in a criminal investigation…

        • Pistols Guy

          Line of the day (week?)

        • Nate

          Haha You win.  That is too good.

  • Marc Shook

    Any chance Clemson coming on board with the Big XII is the reason we dumped the Non-Con games with them?

    • I doubt this but I guess it’s possible?

    • Pistols Guy

      I doubt this but I guess it’s possible?