Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

The new girl picks OSU 6th, everybody else has them 3rd-5th. (NewsOK)

Words are inadequate to describe my detest for 11 AM games. (okstate.com)

LDR makes the final iteration of the Elite 11 list. (ESPN)

Hey look, Weeden’s charity golf tourney is today. (Brandon Weeden)

Great read from Gina on how the pieces of OSU’s puzzle fit together. (NewsOK)

Cool story on why Mr. Iba was right about Munich. (Tulsa World)

And why it bothered him so much. (Tulsa World)

Three bold predictions from the Oklahoman staff. I like the “Landry will have more picks than Lunt” one. (NewsOK)

It makes my day that DeanO’s long shlong tweet made the Lost Ogle roundup. What a clown. (The Lost Ogle)

John Helsley with five storylines to watch for this fall and one…ahem…unfortunately worded sentence about Justin Gilbert and Brodrick Brown. (NewsOK)

Not a story yet, but…getting there. (Plain Dealer)

And they would all destroy me. (NewsOK)

Yeah, the Colorado shootings (we’ve written those words too many times, huh) are far reaching. (NewsOK)

And to get you in the Olympic spirit…

  • Corey

    Haha, the Brown/Gilbert sentence was great.

  • PJ

    I read the first sentence under #5 that had the “I” word in it and thought, “Shame on you sir for bringing that up”

    Theeeeeen I read the 3rd sentence and slowly closed my eyes (for dramatic effect) and slowly shook my head while laughing and repeating “why…how could you…. you didn’t see… it… whaaa..huh????

  • DCPokeFan

    Kyle thanks for posting the link to the archive article on Iba and Munich by Bill Connors.  I know many people who revere him as a great sports columnist and one can see why when reading his stuff.

  • bMyles

    How does Dean Blevins have a job?

    That’s a real question.  
    What is he good at?  
    I’m guessing his employers aren’t concerned with his diarrhea of the mouth issue either.  
    How many times does a guy get to be a verbal public spectacle before he gets canned?


    On a different not, I LOVE that we’re coming into this season “under the radar.”  I honestly believe this might be the best defense we’ve put on the field in a very long time.  And maybe it’s the eternal optimist in me, but I’m not concerned about Lunt getting the job done.  The offense should continue to roll.

    This next month needs to FLY by….

    Keep up the good work KP – we appreciate all the hard work!

  • Mark

    Even those times when Brown and Gilbert need a blow could get sticky.

    Read more: http://newsok.com/osu-football-reigning-big-12-champions-have-something-to-prove/article/3694735#ixzz21UAoii2N
    …. I don’t even know what he was TRYING to say. Wow LOL 

  • Osuaggie (Ray)

    First, this is rapidly becoming my go-to web site for Cowboy football….nice job…..

    Second, I’m betting the surprise of the season for the B12 is going to be the Cowboy freshman quarterback.  

    • Pistols Guy

      Thanks Ray, and I agree.