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Sports Reads, launched. Check it out. (Sports Reads)

Is Weeden really easier to replace than Case Keenum? (Lost Lettermen)

“Now I’m going to win gold in London.” (NewsOK)

Here’s more on Coleman Scott. (NPR)

Cowboys open with Akron in Puerto Rico. That sounds like the beginning of a terrible joke. (NewsOK)

Here’s the full schedule. Am I crazy to think we could win this? (okstate.com)

This needs to, uh, go away. (NewsOK)

If you look at the QB race this way, it makes sense to name a starter in the spring. (Horns Nation)

Lane Taylor married a Sooner. [sets over/under at 500.5 days of marriage] (NewsOK)

Joseph Randle getting the ESPN treatment today. (ESPN)

Thurman Thomas on OSU’s facilities: “sometimes I want to cry.” (NewsOK)

I’m sorry, but if by any metric you think Brodrick Brown is a better player than Justin Gilbert, you’re confused. (Athlon Sports)

Smart post on Texas here. I didn’t realize OSU was the first to go 200-200 on them since the Reggie/Leinart SC team. (CBS Sports)

This happened one year ago today. (PFB)

Ubben voted OSU 6th in his preseason poll. (ESPN)

  • ryan

    6th? 6th??!?!?!?!? c’mon ubbs.

    • Osuaggie (Ray)

      We luv you Ubbs!!!!…now for the icing on the cake; you need to pick the Horns as 4 TD favorites in Stillwater on 29 September. Trust me, it will make it that much sweeter….Oh, and Ubbs?  You should bet the farm on Texas…..

    • I have been really confused how the “Bulldog” has been on all these award watch list and J.Gilbert has rarely been mentioned. Don’t get me wrong..I luv me some Brodrick, but I think Gilbert will have a better year and be a 1st RD draft pick in next years draft. 

    • G-Block

      Yeah, Mr. Ubbs believes in
      stereotyping freshmen who weren’t over-hyped 5-Stars by the various recruiting
      services.  He predicts that OSU will lose to Texas because ” Wes Lunt forced
      balls at the worst possible time against the league’s best defense and the true
      freshman finishes with four interceptions.”

      Last year, he & the rest
      of America’s talking heads picked
      OSU fourth because they were overly-impressed by the name recognition of Texas, aTm, and OU – coupled with task of playing Texas Tech in Lubbock.


      I guess I should not be that
      surprised; OSU is usually underrated by the media.  I would think that the
      Big 12 blogger would do his homework.  If he had, the extra homework would
      certainly make him a more reputable source. 
      But it makes it all the sweeter when the Cowboys shock  the world (again)!


      Go Pokes!

      • G-Block

        Wow.  “Copy & paste” placed a ton of carriage returns in the formatting of my previous comment.  Live and learn.

  • CMD

    There are several metrics you could make a case for Broderick and I think everyone knows that when they’re not focused on JG4 become a blur on the TV screen.

    • DCrow

      How identical can the pics of Weeden and Luck be in top 10 QB’s to replace?

      • Pistols Guy

        From the same game no less…

  • rad kern

    from the ESPN chat….funny. 

    • rad kern

      (trying to post the screen grab)

      • tomg

        That’s just how it is with true freshmen, unless Lunt is a prodigy. Is he? 
        I think you provided your opinion with the 6th place pick and followed that up with stating Tech has the potential to move up which would have OSU finish even lower.  I understand the concern and get nervous when I see the pic of Lunt at the top of this web site.  However, Texas Tech reloaded under Leach for a decade, but OSU can’t with a better ground game and defense.  I really think the media is showing that they don’t full appreciate Mike Gundy yet.     

  • bMyles

    Say for a moment that your JG4 glasses were not fixed firmly on your face (and no, they don’t have to be off for long), and say that JG4 wasn’t the dazzling kick returner that he is….  Is he a better defensive back than Broderick Brown??

    Statistically they are pretty similar.  Broderick finished the year with more tackles and tackles for loss.  And I’d bet he was thrown on less.

    They both ended the year with 5 INTs – granted, picking off Luck in the Fiesta Bowl is a nice badge to add to the collection.

    But back to my point – is it really all that crazy to be higher on Broderick Brown as a DB than Justin Gilbert?

    • Pistols Guy

      Based on what you just said, here are the metrics they used:

      1. Projection on 2012 Performance – same2. Importance to team – same3. Positional importance – same4. NFL Draft stock – Gilbert >>>5. Career performance – same

  • KS1010

    Improved gray jerseys for this year.  changed the color and outline color on the numbers making them easier to read.

  • KS1010
  • Jon G

    No scandal from PFB this year!  Ha ha Gina beat you to it by releasing the photo of the new Gray Unis with the orange outlined numbers.  That will definitely make it easier to see from the stands.