Daily Bullets

“Iowa State still keeps me up night.” (NewsOK)

“Speed plays every day.” Good find here by @pokelahoma. (Amarillo.com)

I don’t like mid-October bowl projections much less beginning-of-August. But here they are. (NewsOK)

Clown move, bro. Clown move. (ESPN)

Gonzaga. New Year’s Eve. It feels like we’ve done this 10 years in a row even though I know we haven’t. (okstate.com)

The Justin Blackmon experience is going badly for the Jaguars. (Big Cat Country)

Baylor should not be out-recruiting us in football. (ESPN)

Pat Jones into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. (Tulsa World)

Down goes #okstate! Agree with it though. We lose OU and two of Texas, K-State, and WVU. (ESPN)

Joseph Randle as the 55th best player in the country? (Yahoo!)

Cool Big 12 in London schedule. I can’t get enough of the Olympics if you can’t tell by my Twitter feed. (Big 12 Sports)

  • Other guest

    I know we don’t like to lose to Baylor in anything, but hasn’t our coaching staff earned the benefit of the doubt in recruiting yet?  

    • Kyle Porter

      That’s true, more than true, it’s just weird to see them ahead of us. Just as it would be weird to see us ahead of them in basketball right now…

  • KS1010

    I didn’t think Randle being #55 in the country was too outlandish considering his name doesn’t hae the fire power playing behind W2B’s shadow…until I saw the 2 players ranked directly ahead of him.  Randle is not as good as Rex Burkhead or Christine Michael?  Get real…

    • Osuaggie

      I think you’re right, same problem we’ve had in the past.  Randle (and don’t forget Smith) don’t have the name recognition on the East or Left coast despite the season last year….on the other hand, we LUV flyin’ below the radar; I keep hoping ESPN picks us to finish 10th in the conference….

  • Mark

    That just goes to show how unsure we all are about the team this year… every one of those bowl projections seems reasonable.