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Condolences from me and everyone here at Pistols Firing to the family and friends of Bob Barry. Sad day for the Oklahoma sports media world. (NewsOK)

All of this on Kye Staley. Every word of it. (ESPN)

Well done. (CRFF)

RG3: “I guess you could say it’s fortune, good luck. But they’re the No. 3 team in the nation, so obviously luck’s been on their side all year.” I see why Holgerson ran it up on you guys last year. (NewsOK)

Stewart Mandel is on board with OSU’s defense, and even drops multiple Moneyball references. Though how about a link to this or this next time, Stew? (Sports Illustrated)

So Weeden isn’t in the Heisman race because of preseason perception? I told you this was a bad idea!! (O’Colly)

Quote of the weekend from Kye Staley here: “Coach tells us all the time to act like we’ve been there; well I tell him, ‘If I get there, I won’t know how to act.’ I just celebrated and thanked the man above.” (by Tebowing) (NewsOK)

You’re not sure where the Oklahoma State defense came from? Or how about it’s the same one that hasn’t allowed a Big 12 opponent over 30 all year. (CBS Sports)

Randle: “I really feel like I didn’t get tackled in the first half thanks to our offensive line.” (Tulsa World)

Dude, you’re 59…premature was when Bob Simmons was running draw left-draw right-draw left on three straight plays. OSU is 4 games away, show some excitement! (NewsOK)

Matt Hinton explores the oddities of the Baylor OSU box score. (Dr. Saturday)

Wow, Gundy says he’ll consider including Blackmon in the Bedlam senior night festivities. (Tulsa World)

Le’Bryan said he wasn’t going to bust out the orange Cowboy hat for the dunk contest. Le’Bryan lied. (Tulsa World)

1. No Jenni, we haven’t forgotten about Dana. 2. The first fade to Blackmon was supposed to be a running play? (NewsOK)

It doesn’t feel like Blackmon has the 14th most receiving yards in football this year, does it? (NewsOK)

Ubben with a great summary of the Baylor game and, specifically, why it’s time for people to start buying in to OSU’s defense. (ESPN)

Why does it look like Ubben and Weeden are involved in a hostage situation here? Did Boone not pay the electric bill? (ESPN)

Pretty snarky line here by Ubben towards A&M. Good assessment of who OSU is too. (ESPN)

Interesting: OU is creeping back in the national title picture. (ESPN)

Steve Megargee said Joseph Randle won this weekend. (Rivals)

ESPN still has OSU Bama for the national title. (ESPN)

Markelle Martin confirms my “the defensive backs look like they’re playing really close to the line” theory. (O’Colly)

Bo Van Pelt takes the Asia Pacific Classic. Pair that with Rickie Fowler’s Korea Open win and Cowboy golf totally owns Asia right now. (ESPN)

Jenni Carlson gives the chippiness from Saturday’s game a C. (NewsOK)


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