Daily Bullets

Cooper Bassett wears a dress. (NewsOK)

I like his “don’t forget.” Nobody EVER talks about this guy. (ESPN)

Is Baylor a trap game? (Saturday Edge)

Quinn Sharp the only SI All-American. (Sports Illustrated)

A little more on a guy named Chuck. (NewsOK)

Weeden’s first preseason game tonight. (NFL.com)

Ubben says Brodrick Brown is the Big 12’s 17th best player. I just don’t understand how people say he’s better than Justin Gilbert. (ESPN)

Andy Staples says Lunt is one of 15 freshmen to keep an eye on. (Sports Illustrated)

I did a Q&A with a good TCU blog this week. (Frogs O’ War)

OSU-Texas a must see game. (Yahoo!)

Wait, so Berry Tramel invented a theory yesterday and said it’s not valid today…eh? (NewsOK)

I know these guys are elite, I just don’t know about the guys behind them (on the depth chart, not on the field). (Tulsa World)

Did other Big 12 coaches really say this about OSU? (Athlon Sports)

Good stuff from Van Malone on the OSU secondary. (NewsOK)

STOP! (NewsOK)

Weeden is fired up about tonight. (Beacon Journal)

Alex Elkins among Big 12’s most underrated. (ESPN)

I am legend. (Sports Illustrated)

This was pretty good…

OSU hanging out in Spain. Is Marcus Smart taking the photo?

  • @clintosu

    I initially read the third bullet as “Is Baylor a tarp game?”. Duh.

  • My brother is with the team in Spain!! I told him not to make national news. lol

  • On Brown/Gilbert, my guess is that media folks are looking at who’s the best corner, rather than who’s the best player. They judge the corners the same way they judge our “terrible” defense…by stats. They tied in interceptions and Brown led the Big 12 in passes defended (third nationally). Gilbert was 6th in the Big 12 and 30th nationally. Passes defended isn’t a good stat to determine who the better player is, but I’m sure they take it into consideration.

    You have to admit, it’s actually pretty close and either side can be justifiably debated, but I agree that Gilbert is the better all-around player.

  • CowboyBill

    I like the comment from GoSooners, the author of the “Is Baylor a trap game?” piece:

    “I once heard an OU offensive lineman being interviewed after an OSU game. OSU went something like 3-9 that year, but the lineman said that he had never been hit as hard throughout an entire game and for the whole season as he did against OSU that day. And OSU had basically nothing to play for except beating OU. THAT’S how much the game means to them.”
    Yeah, it does.

  • I don’t see how the last game of the season can be a “trap game”. It’s a good point that we’ll leave everything physically and emotionally on the field in Bedlam, but we have beaten Baylor 6 times in a row by an average of 31 points! They haven’t been within 20 of us since 2005. I do think Baylor will be fired up as they’ll be 5-6 acting like they’re playing for the national championship trying to become bowl eligible.

    • G-Block

      I agree with you, Matt. Be definition a “trap” sandwiches two sides together, so it’s not applicable. In years past, OSU lost to Baylor, but that was more due to inexperience and lack of depth. I don’t see either being a factor this year. The depth will be there, and after eleven games, the quarterback position should have plenty of experience to face a Baylor defense that will be on their last legs.

  • Pete

    Who’s the guy in the yellow shirt in the basketball picture?

  • Madsenpoke

    Man our basketball team is short now.

  • Fred

    And people say OU players are thugs…..

  • I think Brown still has the highlight reel that GIlbert doesn’t yet. Everyone still remembers this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1e_QsWjxBA