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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets



Huge one at Allie P. tonight with a matchup of potential first round picks. (

Bruce Feldman says Wes Lunt is the most surprising player of the spring. h/t DeShazo (CBS Sports)

Fowler and Mahan go 5-6 in the latest Devil Ball power rankings. (Devil Ball Golf)

A lot at stake in Ann Arbor today for one of the most legendary athletic programs in college sports. (

Not exactly breaking news, but Colt McCoy is a good dude. (Plain Dealer)

What are the odds Mike Holder could pick this woman out of a police lineup? And how much of her promotion had to do with this? (

Charles Howell tees off at 12:30 today. Mahan-Fowler-BVP taking the week off. (PGA Tour)

Wow, Katy Krshka compared to KD and Matt Barkley. (Big 12 Sports)

So…OSU almost didn’t even make regionals in golf. (Golf World)

Ubben says OSU has the 5th best non-con schedule. (ESPN)

Well that’s an interesting headline. (Times-Union)

Nice, TED is coming to Stillwater. (

Good recap of last night’s festivities in OKC. (Daily Thunder)

Uni Watch turns six today and those new Arkansas white helmets are naaaaaaaaaaaasty. (Uni Watch)

The Steve Jobs movie will be written by Aaron Sorkin of course. (Grantland)

Interesting look at how much it pays to wait for tickets until right before game time. (CNBC)

How you can help this OKC mom who’s battling cancer. (Epic Parent)

Drew Magary profiles Justin Bieber. I can think of nobody else I’d rather have profile Justin Bieber. Also, the Beebs drops a few f-bombs, and yes, it’s hilarious. (GQ)

Solid cooking blog here from an OSU grad. (Cooking Cowgirl)

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