Daily Bullets

Joe Randle never came close to OU. (NewsOK)

This doesn’t make sense. First, Ty Duffy says OSU is perennially underrated. (The Big Lead)

Then he picks them to go under their over/under total win total. (The Big Lead)

This might honestly be the best blog post ever written for the Oklahoman. (NewsOK)

Great read here on Weeden first game struggles. Melanie has been testing him on the playbook. h/t @cgrinnell15 (ESPN Cleveland)

Wow, Del Rio ended up at #5 overall in the Elite 11 group. (ESPN)

Fiesta Bowl Championship rings. (NewsOK)

Daytawion Lowe interview. (Scout)

“They went from a 28-year old to an 18-year old” is the new “I’m a man.” (CBS Sports)

So….uh…Lunt looks huge. (Picasa)

Two of the five best running backs in the Big 12? Yeah, let’s do it. (ESPN)

I’m pumped about Shamiel Gary. (okstate.com)

Brendon Morris with some good stuff on Calvin Barnett and his role on the D-line this year. (Rivals)

OSU has never had seven straight winning seasons. (CRFF)

OSU-OU not a top 25 rivalry. (Yahoo!)

Some interesting quotes from the Browns coach on Weeden here. (Dawgs by Nature)

Baylor in the top 25 but not OSU? (Orlando Sentinel)

OU hammers OSU. (ESPN)

Herschel who? (NewsOK)

  • Geoff Park

    Missing the link on the Randle article. Looked for it on NewsOK and couldn’t find it. Maybe, Sooner Magic?

    • Kyle Porter


      • OSUaggie

        It’s not like the Cowboys are unaccustomed to the naysayers; QB is too old, QB is too young, yeah, but UT had a down year, yeah, but OU lost their stud receivers, on and on ad naseum….We have to stick with our basic approach; beat everyone and the other stuff takes care of itself….

      • Geoff Park

        You’re a good man.

  • I don’t get it. Baylor loses Bob, Wright and Ganaway and you hear “but don’t expect too much of a dropoff”. Who has had (by far) the better overall team over recent (and not recent) years?

    August should be national “WHAT?! YOU SAID (SOMETHING NEGATIVE) ABOUT MY TEAM?! YOU’RE OUT OF YOU’RE MIND!!!” month.

  • The mere fact that it’s called Bedlam should put it in the top 10. I now have no respect for the list.

    • ChanceDM

      I know. And Texas and A&M being #25 is ridiculous (although it’s now defunct). Louisville and West Virginia up there?

  • Many of those matchups in the top 25 rivalries just seem like big games rather than rivalries.
    Ohio State-Penn State
    Georgia-Auburn (over Georgia-Florida…I don’t think so)
    Notre Dame-Purdue in the TOP TEN? Ahhh author of that post is a big ND fan…figures
    Penn State-Iowa ???
    Louisville-West Virginia (It’s only been a rivalry for 7 years and this guy has it as a top 25 rivalry?

    This guy needs to get out more

    • Jeff M

      Completely agree. You know the list is a joke when the #1 rivalry on the list isn’t even the number one rivalry for either of the teams involved.

      • It shouldn’t qualify as a rivalry when the only time it creates real tension is when both teams are good. When 1 team is really good, and the other isn’t, and you get an upset…that to me means it is a true rivalry. OU-Nebraska was big mainly because they were constantly playing for the conference and national title hopes. It lost its luster quickly when that all went away with the Big 12. Screw it…I’m making my own list…

  • Cole

    Louisville v. WVU is above UT V. A&M. That list is jv.

  • John

    Can Ubben just come out and say he’s a closet OU fan already?

  • 2 of the best 5 RB’s in the league…most of the #1 scoring D in the league returning…returning off linemen…returning WR’s…but yet the teams we thrashed last year (OU, UT) and a team that scraped its way through a lousy conference (WVU, Big East) have more talent. Ok, fine, we’ll just fly under the radar again, and like OSUaggie says “…
    beat everyone and the other stuff takes care of itself.”

    • Chad

      BTW that Orlando Sentinel article is from January 9th….

      • Kyle Porter

        That’s on me.

  • When I look at Lunt in pads and no helmet, all I can think of is that guy from “Thunderdome” that the midget rode around on…

  • Kevin

    Its time again to show the nation what it means to be a Cowboy! Underrated, under-appreciated by everyone who doesn’t matter. It’s all about family. It’s all about team. Can we just start the season already?! I am dying to see someone get lit up!

  • Kevin

    Pick one player that is not already established/proven. If your guy shows up in a big way on Sept 1, you get a prize…the “I-told-you-so” prize. And can we just say Lunt doesn’t count. QBs get enough attention as it is.

    My pick: WR Blake Webb …little dude, big heart. And going to get plenty of reps with the twos all 2nd half.

    • Kyle Porter

      Kevin Peterson

    • bMyles

      CJ Curry

  • OSUaggie

    I wanted to say this for some time so I figured, why not now? OSU has a bad habit/tradition of getting ahead by a couple of touchdowns and pulling our starters. Last year there were a couple of games where B2B didn’t even make it to the 2nd half. I can’t help but think this hurts us a bit in the national picture, not only for individual recognition but also as a team capable of hanging 1/2 a hundred on someone. There is actually some merit in the old saying, “nice guys finish last”…(or in our case…3rd), particularly where humans are involved in the voting. Maybe if we hang 85-90 points on a Savannah State they’ll quit scheduling with us…….

    • Kevin

      Gundy is way too classy to embarrass oppenents just to get voter recognition. This is a huge plus in my book. Ya it may hurt come seasons end, but the Gundy Legacy will be remembered for his honor and sportsmanship. It’s pretty badass.

      • OSUaggie

        I don’t disagree with you, but sometimes it feels the same as the Geneva convention in a war zone; we’re the only one’s paying any attention to it…..you can’t tell 2nd & 3rd string guys not to score, but we don’t have the same reputation for running up the score that our Norman based associates have…..