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Joe Randle never came close to OU. (NewsOK)

This doesn’t make sense. First, Ty Duffy says OSU is perennially underrated. (The Big Lead)

Then he picks them to go under their over/under total win total. (The Big Lead)

This might honestly be the best blog post ever written for the Oklahoman. (NewsOK)

Great read here on Weeden first game struggles. Melanie has been testing him on the playbook. h/t @cgrinnell15 (ESPN Cleveland)

Wow, Del Rio ended up at #5 overall in the Elite 11 group. (ESPN)

Fiesta Bowl Championship rings. (NewsOK)

Daytawion Lowe interview. (Scout)

“They went from a 28-year old to an 18-year old” is the new “I’m a man.” (CBS Sports)

So….uh…Lunt looks huge. (Picasa)

Two of the five best running backs in the Big 12? Yeah, let’s do it. (ESPN)

I’m pumped about Shamiel Gary. (

Brendon Morris with some good stuff on Calvin Barnett and his role on the D-line this year. (Rivals)

OSU has never had seven straight winning seasons. (CRFF)

OSU-OU not a top 25 rivalry. (Yahoo!)

Some interesting quotes from the Browns coach on Weeden here. (Dawgs by Nature)

Baylor in the top 25 but not OSU? (Orlando Sentinel)

OU hammers OSU. (ESPN)

Herschel who? (NewsOK)

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