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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets



Two weeks out means loaded bullets every day. Help me help you remember to read them by following me on Twitter or Facebook.

This Gilbert quote is just so epic. Also, new O’Colly site looks great! (O’Colly)

Here are the OSU survey results if you missed them yesterday. (Google Docs)

O RLY? SUrely he wouldn’t choose us over Baylor! (ESPN)

Good point here, Ford can’t get ANY momentum going. (CRFF)

We already did this (kind of) but cool post here from Ubbs. (ESPN)

Solid stuff on Ryan Robinson here, though I’m struggling a little to understand the “my parents told me that God told me to stay here” sentence. (NewsOK)

Good article here on our receiver depth. It’s going to be really intriguing to see how it all sorts itself out, or maybe how Lunt sorts it all out. (O’Colly)

Cezar…gone. That’s four point guards and counting to leave under Ford. Different circumstances than the others, but still. (NewsOK)

Gina interviews the TCU beat writer. Does it feel like we’re overrating TCU? (NewsOK)

Kevin Peterson is picking things up just splendidly. (Tulsa World)

Ugh. (CBS Sports)

Vote OSU as the biggest surprise of 2012. (ESPN)

Dumbest list of all time? Dumbest list of all time. (Yahoo!)

So if everything holds true to form…OSU probably gets stripped of what…10…20 years worth of wins for this? (Yahoo!)

Texas in primetime on Fox (no pressure, Wes) and how about that Kansas State-OSU Fox precursor to SC-Oregon? Wow! (cmgdigital)

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