Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Traveling to Stillwater today (please don’t be crowded, Thai Cafe)…’ll be tailgating across from Stonewall tomorrow, come say hey.

I’ve been trying to tell you guys this. Monken talking about Randle going to ESPN is all-time. (NewsOK)

Very cool, Gregg Doyel joins Brendon Morris in the O’Colly to talk O-State. (O’Colly)

This is what I like to see. (NewsOK)

Must read on…Savannah State? Seriously, it’s really good. (New York Times)

What to watch for in the Big 12 this week. (ESPN)

Oh good. (Yahoo!)

Can we make it somebody who didn’t go 1-10 in the FCS next year? (Tulsa World)

Bill Young will miss the first two games. (Sports Illustrated)

How confused are people going to be the first time an onside kick is fair caught? (Big 12 Sports)

Three of our running backs got into separate fights one day in practice. (Scout)

I like what Gundy says here about chemistry. (Tulsa World)

I ride with Ubben here. (ESPN)

Is it difficult to put a table into your article? Or how about a percentage so I don’t have to make an Excel sheet to see how these numbers stack up. (NewsOK)

Awesome article on what Josh Fields is doing. (NewsOK)

Huh? (Golf Week)


Does this look familiar?

  • RE: interception dejavu…I’m waiting for the one that gets tipped back in by the defense to an OFFENSIVE player, who then goes for a TD.

  • scking

    How did the list of top 25 upsets in the BCS era not include OSU’s upset over OU in 2001? OU was going to play in the National Championship game with that win and a win in the Big 12 Championship game. This list is flawed.

    • Missed that…stopped reading when I saw Iowa State…

    • I love Thai Cafe.

      And I’m surprised that Bedlam 2001 didn’t make it. I know I’m biased, but by any objective measure (disparity between the teams, national championship appearance riding on it), it should be a big upset.

      • Dylan

        Thai Cafe was my go -to in college, so I am very happy that they reopened!

        Anyone else having issues with the Scout site today?

  • @realchriswagner

    Thai cafe is my favorite place in Stillwater. Their coconut crusted chicken is unbeatable.