Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

I kind of already posted and I wish Kieran would have hit more on Lunt fitting in as a Big 12 QB (how does his debut compare to others? Compare him to Landry, Weeden, etc.) but this is pretty good. (O’Colly)

Le’Bryan Nash projected to be the 13th pick next year. (Draft Express)

Good soccer update here if you like soccer. (O’Colly)

OSU gave up 59 points Saturday. The rest of the Big 12 gave up 67 combined. (CBS Sports)

Great last line here from Berry. (NewsOK)

We made Ubben give himself an F this week. (ESPN)

Serious question: what is a ‘Leo’? And did Devin Hedgepeth really tear his achilles twice? Did I miss the second one? (NewsOK)

Good article on Tracy Moore although I don’t like how his family downplays the incidents. Yes, they were small, but they still happened, you don’t get bonus points for buying alcohol for someone who can’t drink because “you have a big heart.” (Tulsa World)

Most random September post ever? (Big 12 Sports)

Gulp. (Tulsa World)

Monken had some doozies but yeah, this is up there. (ESPN)

This might be the coolest thing I’ve read all week. (NewsOK)

This will be epic. (The Lost Ogle)

GIF of the year? (The Big Lead)

They were just waiting to compete with that iPhone 5 release, y’all! (iTunes)

Holy cow this is awesome. (Instagram)

I want what he’s having. If it’s legal.

This will be scary but cool.

Wait, the Oklahoman is saying it’s not done? (NewsOK)

Gorgeous, and a big one for the #USMNT

  • Lance Smith

    I believe Hedgepeth tore it again in rehab after maybe trying to get back a little too soon.

    • Kyle Porter

      Gotcha, I honestly didn’t know that.

  • Dylan

    Draft Express also had Marcus Smart at #29…

    I have an idea. They both stay to play with Julius Randle and Karviar Shepherd next year! Anyone? Anyone??? Bueller?

    By the way, does someone have some more koolaid? I just drank the last of mine. Bazinga.