Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

This needs to be a commercial. Also, how about Berry calling Orange Power reader “kooks”?! (NewsOK)

Locker room is still looking up after Zona. (O’Colly)

Cool John Lucas interview. Via Paul Duane. (Invictus 91)

I wish OSU was playing at Ole Miss this weekend. I’d be there. (Big 12 Sports)

Ubben ranks Florence ahead of Lunt. No issues from me with that but I think at the end of the year Lunt will be the better QB and have the better numbers. (ESPN)

Call me crazy but don’t we already see all this programming? (NewsOK)

The bro in the first paragraph here is the one about whom Monken said last year “they have a first round corner back, f— that, Blackmon’s going at him all night!” (The Advertiser)

Soccer faces UNT and Fresno this weekend. (O’Colly)

The numbers say Weeden can’t recover from his week 1 performance. Pretty interesting read. And if there’s anyone who can reverse that trend… (ESPN Insider)

This dude is INSANE. (O’Colly)

This is true, DKR isn’t that loud. (CBS Sports)

Haha, well done. (CRFF)

Ubbs has us in a rout. (ESPN)

Berry picks us too. (NewsOK)

Robert Allen getting a little hyperbolic, but who am I to disagree? (Orange Power)

I agree with what Monken says here about Blake Jackson. Not really a huge deal. Nobody remembers this but we had seven drops in one half last year at Mizzou. (NewsOK)

Tracy Moore is a Wes Lunt fan as well. (Scout)


Yeah, I think we’ve seen enough. (NewsOK)

Your daily reminder of how much capital letters matter…

USA Today doing work, this is awesome…

Very nice…

Importance of the training table…

  • Guest

    Any estimates about how much the third tier rights would be? I live in Cincinnati and would love to be able to get an extended Fox package and watch occasional wrestling and women’s soccer. Maybe even Cowgirl basketball? That would be great.

    One other thing that I think will be interesting to watch… Have the conference networks peaked out their revenue? Since college sports seem to be one of the only DVR-proof programming types, it seems like the numbers are getting pretty high for 2nd and 3rd tier rights. And networks like NBC, that have been on the periphery, are going to want to jump in too (prediction – they give a boat-load of cash for ACC programming that – shock of shocks! – will feature Notre Dame prominently every week.)

  • Nate

    I actually do remember all the drops in that Missouri game. I felt we could have hung something close to 50 on them in the first half if it wasn’t for the drops.

  • Any idea what the uni’s will look like tomorrow?