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Playing those video games! Interesting article here on Tracy Moore. (NewsOK)

Robert Allen says Lunt’s injury isn’t as bad as it seemed. (Scout)

Not sure who this Scott Wright guy is but good football note book here. Who’s more happy about Bill Young being back: Bill Young or OSU fans? Toss up. (NewsOK)

Monken with a great line here. (SoundCloud)

I have a new goal over the next two weeks… (ESPN)

I’m so enamored with the air raid. (NewsOK)

I want one of these. (Twitter)

Leave it to Todd Monken to bring some perspective. Wait…whaaa? (NewsOK)

A little clarity (I guess) from Gundy on the Lunt injury. (ESPN)

The J.W. Walsh Josh Stewart narrative is really awesome. (O’Colly)

JDub gets a helmet sticker from Ubbs. (ESPN)

Gosh, this photo might be worse. (NewsOK)

Good week 3 Big 12 stats here. (Big 12 Sports)

Interesting — Ubben has Baylor in a better bowl than OSU. (ESPN)

Monken quickly, and swiftly, quells any talk of a QB controversy. (NewsOK)

Good on OSU fans for this. (Ragin Pagin)

OSU jumps back into the coaches poll. (ESPN)

An abnormally good article from Jenni Carlson. (NewsOK)

John Klein on Wes Lunt’s replacement. (Tulsa World)

Wow, some really interesting Walsh/Lunt stuff in this article. I don’t feel like Gundy and Monken are big fans. (NewsOK)

The Fox Sports announcers were absurd on Saturday. This is ridiculous. (NewsOK)

OU in the title game? Also, it really does intrigue me that everyone has Baylor in a better bowl than OSU. (CBS Sports)

Cool photo recap of OSU’s win over Louisiana. Well, cool if you like dislocated kneecaps. (NewsOK)

Pretty crazy stuff here, Robert Allen defends Mike Gundy. (Scout)

Really good Q&A here with Mike Holder. He says OSU was “lucky” to get Savannah State… (Tulsa World)

Berry still has OSU as the 9th best team in the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Great stuff on Weeden in here from yesterday, love the story about his dinner with TRich. (Plain Dealer)

So…who’s the #3 QB now? (Tulsa World)

I’m scared for the Texas game. (NewsOK)

Haha – the 11th bullet. (CRFF)

On the process of becoming a great NFL quarterback. (Plain Dealer)

Here are all of Weeden’s throws from yesterday. (

So Gundy…

I’m a huge Kye Staley fan….

Pumped about this one…

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