Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Yesterday was the most viewed Bullets ever on PFB…by a lot. Was it the Lincoln movie? The Jenni Carlson article?

This week it was like make it, take it. (NewsOK)

This is an excellent breakdown of Saturday’s game by Gina. (NewsOK)

Tony Allen is one of the best follows on Twitter? Duh. (h/t @kevindeshazo) (Sports Illustrated)

Monken is entering mid-season form. And the idea of Randle in the Wildcowboy? I don’t hate it. (NewsOK)

This is correct, as a fan it’s frustrating to be in the dark about Lunt but it’s the right call. (O’Colly)

Cool pic of Weeden here, plus Browns fans are getting more excited. (Dawgs By Nature)

Great pics of the Louisiana game here. (Nielsen Network)

Ubbs names Walsh Big 12 player of the week. (ESPN)

I don’t know how much reading between the lines you guys are doing but it seems like Gundy really doesn’t want to play Walsh against Texas. (NewsOK)

Clever headline here (possibly unintentional?). (Tulsa World)

Texas. Home. To kick off the Big 12. At night. Yes. (okstate.com)

They’re kids for the most part. Hmmm… (NewsOK)

Ubben has OSU #25 in his poll. (ESPN)

Josh Stewart agrees with me: J.W. Walsh hit him harder than anybody from Louisiana did. (NewsOK)

Mayans. (Big 12 Sports)

Great roundup of last weekend’s football games. (Sports Illustrated)

Phil Jurick gets a deferred sentence. Seems pretty lenient, no? (Tulsa World)

So when does it change?

Good points here on how lucky OSU has been in the last two years regarding injuries. (O’Colly)

Good roundup how how OSU did in the NFL this week. (okstate.com)

Make it stop! (ESPN)

This will be the best thing you read today. Promise. (Esquire)

New Twitter format, I get way too excited for stuff like this. (Digital Life)

Uh, there’s a reason for this…

Been targeting this bro for a while…

Nice little two day run of sweet-looking movies…

  • I saw the Argo trailer and couldn’t help but look it up. Goes back to a 2007 Wired magazine article that gets me all kinds of giddy for the movie. **SPOILER** http://www.wired.com/magazine/2007/04/feat_cia/all/

    • Kyle Porter

      Great reference.

  • Mark

    No offense Kyle but I really think you’re trying to make something out of nothing concerning the coaches view of Walsh. Gundy said “he played great…” How do you read anything into that? Would they like tx to prepare all week for Walsh and then spring lunt on them? Sure. Does Gundy dislike Walsh though? I’m not seeing it.

    • Kyle Porter

      In his press conference after the game, a game in which a redshirt freshman posted the 6th most total yards in a game in Oklahoma State history, Gundy said “he was OK.”

      • Jadecy

        *Against Lousianna-Laf should be included in your statement.

        Fact is he SHOULD put up those kind of numbers against an inferior opponent. I agree, I don’t see a controversy here, I see a head coach not doing backflips because we beat someone we should, with a QB who was a legit contender for the starting position.

        If Walsh goes out and leads us to a victory over Texas and gets the same reaction, then I’ll buy into it.

      • Mark

        Well whatever floats your boat man. Did Gundy even know it was 6th best or whatever at the time? And from a coaches standpoint, who cares? All he cares about is winning games. and as I said previously, at the post game conference he was probably pretty bummed about lunts injury. that’s probably why he upgraded his viewpoint from “ok” to “great” once he had the opportunity to step back and view the game objectively. Don’t forget that Walsh was recruited by Gundy to be THE guy. Why would he have a dislike for the kid who could be a legitimate starter in half the teams in college football? Betcha Mack Brown would take him 😉

  • Ron

    I’ve been reading sports blogs for several years and this one is my new favorite.

    • scott

      suck up

      • Kyle Porter

        Ron is my dad…

    • Mine too. Aside from anything Thayer Evans writes.

      • Reed

        He who shall not be named!

  • Dlcowboyfan

    I’ve enjoyed Gina’s writing and reporting on OkState. Women can be knowledgeable about football too! I love football and basketball even though I’m a woman. In fact my husband gets on to me for being obsessed and he played football in high school!

    Love the blog!