Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Good look at Bob Barry’s funeral yesterday by John Rhode. Burns Hargis was in attendance. (NewsOK)

Matt Norlander doin’ work here on non-conference hoops schedules. OSU’s non-con sched is STRONG. (CBS Sports)

Terrific story from Anthony Slater on just how important the Texas A&M second half was. Includes an EPIC quote from Monken. Also, I got ripped for tweeting after the first half of that game that “it was time for Monken to earn his $400,000”, but it kind of seems like Weeden and Monken are saying the same thing in this article. (O’Colly)

Leave me your best joke in the comments section. (Sooner Sports)

This is both crazy and rational at the same time. (NewsOK)

I compared Brandon Weeden and Andrew Luck for the O’Colly today. (O’Colly)

Solid Gundy quote here: ““I would bet, against our defense and our team that the way people see us, we have went up against double the fourth downs, compared to other teams in this league. There have been a bunch of them.” (NewsOK)

Great pics from the indomitable Emily Nielsen. I love the last five. (Nielsen Network)

Good to know Christian Littlehead’s hips feel looser. (NewsOK)

Ken Pom has his ratings out, OSU is 44th. (KenPom)

Good story by Brendon Morris on how Jiu-Jitzu is helping this year’s defensive line. (O’Colly)

Some interesting polls on SportsNation about OSU right now. If you’re voting for Justin Blackmon over Brandon Weeden as the team MVP then you haven’t been watching the same games as me. (ESPN)

John Brandon says the message from the BCS to the Pac-12 could be “screw your conference championship game” if OSU wins out. (Grantland)

Wrestling meet and greet on November 14th at Joe’s. (okstate.com)

Stillwater’s Jerame Littell was the ESPN high school player of the week last week. His dad is an assistant women’s basketball coach. (ESPN)

Good Big 12 hoops breakdown here. OSU picked to finish 6th. (Rivals)

They also have Le’Bryan as the 6th best small forward in the country. (Rivals)

Don’t think this is going to be an issue.. (ESPN)

Interesting: Kansas State has the second most takeaways in the Big 12 with 17. (Rivals)

Oklahoma State recruit Phil Forte is listed as one of the 25 best 3-point shooters in the 2012 class. Here’s my write up on him and Marcus Smart. (ESPN Insider)

Fascinating story on how a mental coach has taken Alabama to the next level. (Sports Illustrated)

Outstanding story on the evolution of humans and why your Nikes suck. (New York Times)

This dude is insane. He wants $48k to recreate a wedding with a girl he’s not longer married to. (New York Times)

Some incredible photos by Big Picture> (Boston Globe)


Great stat here…

Here are some highlights from the OSU game against Panhandle State. If you want one play, fast-forward to 1:44 and enjoy.

How weird/funny is this commercial with Barry sporting the throwback?

Yes, I’m excited for OSU K-state but this is delectable…

  • jpokes

    Why do I feel like we are going to see CJ rise to start by the 5th game and see about 10 assists like that every game?

    • Kyle Porter

      I hope we do. He looked spectacular on the highlights.

      • pokefan928

        Something tells me we’ll get to see a lof of Gottlieb-to-Mason type plays from CJ and Markel over the next couple of years. With all the attention given to the football team, and rightfully so, I’d forgotten how high Brown can leap.

  • Scott

    Favorite Joke: “OU Basketball”

  • G-Block

    Good stuff as always, Kyle.

  • Cory

    “He might not be the recipient of the all the hoopla ESPN is spewing that pushes Luck (and others) towards the Heisman, but with five more W’s and what would be a 24-2 career college record, we’ll all be too drunk on joy in the streets of New Orleans to care about any of that anyway.”

    This may be my favorite (very long) sentence you’ve ever written.

    • Kyle Porter

      I’ve never been accused of being short-winded.

  • ChivalricOutlaw

    After looking at the GREAT pictures at your Big Picture link, I clicked a couple of more links from there nd ended up at the link below. I just had to crack up when I found out “Big Country” is #11! ROFL! 🙂


  • Craig

    Getting really pumped about our basketball team this year (partly do to rich people being greedy, aka both sides). But as an avid OSU bball fan this is the best roster I’ve seen in some time. I’ve been skeptical of Ford, but the guy recruited well for his brand of ball. Now it’s time to see if he can figure out lineup combinations and get all these guys playing together. If he can, football might not be the only championship road we get to follow (excluding other sports). The big 12 is wide open this year and I think Baylor is overrated, as usual (?, that’s so odd).

    One other thing… “Jurich, Soucek meet Mr. Glass.”

    • Kyle Porter

      Co-sign that last sentence.

  • @arin5000

    i’ll reserve judgement on the hoops for a bit longer, although those highlights were pretty exciting. good to see lots of athleticism all over the floor, well, except for KP, and he doesn’t count. but crap, i can’t wait to see how the team looks by conference play.

    pressing will get KP a ton of shots off of kick-outs. another aspect of the team that might be overlooked is the fact that fred was out for most of last year, and he’s good. and thanks to ray penn, reger dowell had a chance to show what he can do. some question marks and youth, but still intriguing and anxious to watch the team grow.

    btw, pokes will beat kstate worse than ou did. mark it down.

  • Brent

    I think the win at Tulsa is proving to be much more significant than expected. If the game had been canceled, we would obviously have one less win, which could have made us lower in the rankings (BCS Computer). One more lightning strike could have significantly changed our season.