Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Outstanding article on Cooper Bassett and his new-found friend. (NewsOK)

Jenni Carlson says the pressure is on the defense against Texas. (NewsOK)

It’s scary to think about what Oregon would do to us. (CBS Sports)

On a related note this headline made me laugh. (CRFF)

This is about the last thing I want. (NewsOK)

Cool story about a walk on you’ve never heard of. (O’Colly)

Walsh on being a coach’s son. (NewsOK)

In case you missed it (and it was beautiful). (Big 12 Sports)

Berry Tramel has Kansas and the Oklahoma schools as the three worst in the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Three OSU guys finish in the top 30 of the FedEx Cup standings. (PGA Tour)

Sean Adams says Texas can prove quite a bit this weekend. Well…yeah. (ESPN Insider)

Good roundup of how OSU recruits did last weekend. (Scout)

Some wrestling changes for the 2013 season. (NewsOK)

On whether or not a brace would have helped Lunt. (NewsOK)

Jenni Carlson has all kinds of warnings for us. Good stuff here from Gina. (NewsOK)

Kye Staley has some advice for Wes Lunt. (Scout)

OSU up to #22 in the Coaches Poll. (NewsOK)

Rough weekend for OSU soccer. (okstate.com)

Mack Brown on where his squad is at right now. (NewsOK)

Ubbs has us in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. (ESPN)

Excellent roundup of OSU in the NFL yesterday. The pic of Weeden and TRich is classic. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel says J.W.’s good attitude is paying dividends. (Tulsa World)

Depth chart changes. (NewsOK)

Yeah, I’m probably going to see this…

  • Jim

    Does the Kye Staley article bother anyone else? What does he know about Lunt’s injury that we don’t?

  • Mark

    Kyle, may I be the first to leave you a good natured “I told you so” in reading a dislike for Walsh into Gundy’s coach speak. But seriously, by Gundy sort of saying he wouldn’t mind having a qb controversy, I think can simply be taken to mean that there is hope and optimism that Walsh will play well against tx. If there is no controversy next week, it means Walsh didn’t play well and we lost. Simple as that. After seeing Ou self-implode Sat, (Which was beautiful) and seeing us do the same against az, I am not confident about our chances against tx.

  • Nate

    Why is everyone scared of Texas? Seriously? They have beaten 3 bottom feeders. Nothing more, but everyone is starting to think they’re “back”. Please.

    If they didn’t have “Texas” across their uniforms, they wouldn’t even be ranked.

    • Mark

      I didn’t say I was scared of tx, I said I was scared of us imploding again (with the implication that tx is a quality opponent, like k-state was a quality opponent against ou)

    • Nolo

      You’re right. They might be ranked, but definitely not as high. They’re ranked that high for the same reason Landry Jones is a “Heisman Trophy Candidate”. Right now they’re just not as good as ESPN wants them to be.

  • Cameorn

    Barry Trammel’s top three were KSU (agreeable), Baylor, and ISU. Does he watch real college football or NCAA 13. Thats the only realm in which Iowa State and Baylor could possibly be better than Texas, Us, ou, TCU, WV!!!, and maybe even Tech. Did I miss something here?

    • Doug

      I like Tramel in general, but I think his ranking scheme is not internally consistent.

      His schtick seems to be that he makes no assumptions about perceived team strengths, and is basing his ranking solely on the season-to-date resume. That’s all fine and well, but he doesn’t play by his own rules. If he were being self-consistent, he couldn’t call Lousiana an “overmatched foe.” They’re 2-0 in games against non-OSU foes. Also, apparently SMU is “not a rumdum.” Why? And ISU’s win over Iowa is “losing a little luster.” Why did it ever have any luster in the first place.

      He is doing a good job of not pre-determining the strength of the Big XII teams. But he makes all kinds of presumptions about their opponents.

  • Nate

    Also, the whole Oregon > Arizona > OSU is just plain lazy and stupid. Anyone who actually watched that game knew that Arizona could have easily lead the thing at halftime.

    • Kyle Porter

      Six trips to the red zone I believe, no points. Like Baylor against us last year.

      • Nate

        Yep. That’s exactly what that game reminded me of. Not that Arizona should have won, but they definitely could have put some points on the board.

      • Mark

        Yeah, but it was 13-0 half way thru the 3rd. Az still had a chance. What happened was they beat themselves in the first half, then ran out of time, were reduced to playing one dimensional offense, and turned the ball over with costly interceptions in the fourth qtr from trying to force the ball down field. They lost exactly how we lost to them – with an unholy amount of points scored in the last few minutes. Yes Oregon is good, but it wasn’t as lopsided as the score indicated.

  • KS1010

    Those are his power rankings..meaning he ranks teams purely on what they have done so far in the 2013. Not on how he would rank the teams based on who he thinks is actually the best. K-State, Baylor, and ISU are 3-0 with better wins than the other teams below them, with K-State clearly having the best 3 wins of the entire group. That’s the point of power rankings.

  • grace

    Didn’t see if you caught this in your Bullets but I found it pretty funny. http://www.buzzfeed.com/benrosen/all-32-nfl-quarterbacks-their-muppet-doppelgange

  • I saw The Master this weekend. Masterful performances from both Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but the plot left something to be desired.

    • Nolo

      This comment looks like it was written by somebody who plays a lot of FIFA.


    There’s a long-standing assumption that starters shouldn’t lose their jobs to injury. But can a backup win the job with outstanding play while the starter is injured? If Wes Lunt shines again against Texas, the Cowboys could have a quarterback controversy.

    By John Helsley | Published: September 21, 2012 Comment on this article 9

    If WES LUNT shines again….there will definitely not be a controversy!