Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where bad weekend for ‘Merica and #okstate happen.

All of this. (NewsOK)

Pretty interesting report card from Berry Tramel. (NewsOK)

Gundy on the fumble. (NewsOK)

Crazy pic of the Mike Davis catch over Gilbert in this excellent post by Ubben. (ESPN)

Anthony Slater’s rapid reactions from after the game. Houses Gilbert and Brown as well. Deserved. (NewsOK)

Really like this concept of a report card. (Scout)

Moving on up to that Holiday Bowl. (ESPN)

Tons of stats here from Week 5 in the Big 12. It was insane. (Big 12 Sports)

Strong questions here by John Helsley. Gundy’s answers are equal parts hilarious and authoritarian. (NewsOK)

Interesting screen shot here of the fumble. Reminds me of my Sharp screen shot from Ames last year. (Burnt Orange Nation)

Ubbs says Big 12 title on the line against Texas next year. (ESPN)

How can I take this seriously after he votes Baylor ahead of WVU? (NewsOK)

Bryan Fischer’s story from Stillwater, focuses on Texas but still good. (CBS Sports)

It’s hard for me to accept that David Ash is this good. (Sports Illustrated)

I agree with this and yet I don’t really feel like we learned the answer on Saturday night… (Rivals)

Sean Adams is right, the Texas defense isn’t great. (Horns Nation)

Good stuff from Berry Tramel on the game. He thinks OSU would have won with Lunt at QB. (NewsOK)

John Klein says the OSU-Texas game shows how deep the Big 12 is. (Tulsa World)

More on the fumble ruling. Pretty sure an OSU player did come out of the pile with the ball. (NewsOK)

Great post here by James Poling on what’s wrong with the OSU defense. (O’Colly)

Cool quarter by quarter breakdown by Kelly Hines. (Tulsa World)

The biggest mistake we made was third downs in the first half. (Tulsa World)

Some well-deserved praise heaped on Joe Randle (including a hilarious GIF). (CRFF)

Mack and Ash with some interesting quotes here. (NewsOK)

Good collection of pics from Satuday night. (NewsOK)

Well this is great. (New York Times)

This got buried on Friday but yeah, not happening. (NewsOK)

Here’s KD at the game on Saturday (via @longhornnetwork)

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 7.55.59 PM

New bball posters are legit (but where’s Mason Cox?!)

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 8.07.50 PM

  • Jadecy

    We’re “Reloading”, however our six-shooter is missing a chamber (defensive backs). This has been a common theme for the past 10+ years…can we not recruit stronger at this position? If you were a Four Star corner looking at OSU wouldn’t you say to yourself “I could start there as a Freshman..”

    • Brown and Gilbert have proven they can be really good corners, they just haven’t shown it yet this year. We do have Kevin Peterson from Wagoner, who originally committed to OU and then switched to OSU. He doesn’t start as a freshman.

      My point is, recruiting isn’t the issue. The problem is that Gilbert and Brown have been thinking a lot about the NFL rather than shutting anyone down.

      • Jadecy

        We’ve gone to the well twice with our Freshmen (Lunt @ AZ, Walsh vs TX) and both times they’ve answered the bell, in record setting fashion. If I were Bill Young I’d give Peterson a shot and say “You want the starting position, go get it..” It might light a fire under Gilbert / Brown’s a$$ so they start playing like we all know they can..

  • OSUaggie

    Positives: No one in the B12 is going to get through the conference schedule unscathed.
    Negatives: If we don’t figure out 3rd down defense, we’re gonna get “scathed” more than others….
    Humorous: Right now the B12 has the #1 team in FBS for Total Offense (OSU) and Total Defense (TTU) and neither are considered contenders for the title….

  • OSUaggie

    One more totally crazy stat from the season thus far….Total Defense:
    TTU #1 out of 120 FBS schools
    TCU #7
    OU #12
    KSU #45
    OSU #54
    UT #63
    KU #88
    WVU #106
    BU #120

  • Josh

    I’m being a HUGE homer here but when do we start seeing Randle as a Heisman hopeful. He puts up some pretty great numbers in what has been a mostly a passing offense. He’s a beast.

  • KS1010

    You mean like Kevin Peterson…?

  • KS1010

    *That was in response to Jadecy

  • So, I don’t have a good eye for football. What I mean is, I can’t really address what was wrong with the defense, other than “Texas scored a lot and converted 3rd/4th downs”.

    So for those who have a better eye, are these issues that are just a matter of tweaking, changing schemes etc… (somewhat like special teams 2 years ago, although that was mostly a change of who, not what)? Or is it simply a matter of OSU not having the right people, the same type of defensive players other teams have?

  • larry

    to repeat (ad nauseum, much like young’s use of the “prevent”) my sole point: if you don’t have your best 11 players on the field when it matters, you will lose. if you are so stupid or so fixated that after 57 1/2 minutes, after 2 good stops on 1st and 2nd down, you still use the “prevent”, you deserve to lose. we did. and that’s on gundy. young will never change unless gundy makes him (see ou game last year). until young retires or gundy takes young to the woodshed, the defense will appear to be average or below average–because of the use of the “prevent” defense on 3rd and 4th downs. last year, the implosion by other teams (for no apparent reason) coupled with stellar play at times from brown, masked the total ineptitude of osu on 3rd and 4th downs. this year, no free lunch, no wins vs real football teams.

  • @Arin5000

    Ok, so the replay shows the fumble, right? D.Lowe picked it up right? My question is, how does the official on the other side of the play call it a touchdown? I want to know what he saw. Is it possible the ball was knocked loose and Bergeron got his hands on it before Lowe picked it up?

    • Hurley

      I’d love to hear the official’s explanation on this. Go back and watch the replay. D-Lowe has the ball BEFORE the ref signals a touchdown. What the far side judge saw, I’ll never know. But he did NOT see the UT player with the ball when he signaled the touchdown.

  • Blake

    That image by Burnt Orange Nation makes it looks like he crossed, but the camera is at an angle and not giving the 3D view needed. The only was to truly tell is to look down the goaline which no one had the camera to do. Technology will eventually become a bigger key because I feel like that there will be some tool that involves the goaline and a sensor that when the ball crosses it will light up or something.