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Where bad weekend for ‘Merica and #okstate happen.

All of this. (NewsOK)

Pretty interesting report card from Berry Tramel. (NewsOK)

Gundy on the fumble. (NewsOK)

Crazy pic of the Mike Davis catch over Gilbert in this excellent post by Ubben. (ESPN)

Anthony Slater’s rapid reactions from after the game. Houses Gilbert and Brown as well. Deserved. (NewsOK)

Really like this concept of a report card. (Scout)

Moving on up to that Holiday Bowl. (ESPN)

Tons of stats here from Week 5 in the Big 12. It was insane. (Big 12 Sports)

Strong questions here by John Helsley. Gundy’s answers are equal parts hilarious and authoritarian. (NewsOK)

Interesting screen shot here of the fumble. Reminds me of my Sharp screen shot from Ames last year. (Burnt Orange Nation)

Ubbs says Big 12 title on the line against Texas next year. (ESPN)

How can I take this seriously after he votes Baylor ahead of WVU? (NewsOK)

Bryan Fischer’s story from Stillwater, focuses on Texas but still good. (CBS Sports)

It’s hard for me to accept that David Ash is this good. (Sports Illustrated)

I agree with this and yet I don’t really feel like we learned the answer on Saturday night… (Rivals)

Sean Adams is right, the Texas defense isn’t great. (Horns Nation)

Good stuff from Berry Tramel on the game. He thinks OSU would have won with Lunt at QB. (NewsOK)

John Klein says the OSU-Texas game shows how deep the Big 12 is. (Tulsa World)

More on the fumble ruling. Pretty sure an OSU player did come out of the pile with the ball. (NewsOK)

Great post here by James Poling on what’s wrong with the OSU defense. (O’Colly)

Cool quarter by quarter breakdown by Kelly Hines. (Tulsa World)

The biggest mistake we made was third downs in the first half. (Tulsa World)

Some well-deserved praise heaped on Joe Randle (including a hilarious GIF). (CRFF)

Mack and Ash with some interesting quotes here. (NewsOK)

Good collection of pics from Satuday night. (NewsOK)

Well this is great. (New York Times)

This got buried on Friday but yeah, not happening. (NewsOK)

Here’s KD at the game on Saturday (via @longhornnetwork)

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 7.55.59 PM

New bball posters are legit (but where’s Mason Cox?!)

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 8.07.50 PM

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