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Written by Kyle Porter

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What OSU athletes thought of the debate. (PFB)

I know literally zero people who suggested the outcome of the game should be changed after the fact. (NewsOK)

Brendon Morris on chaotic BPS last Saturday night. (O’Colly)

Never seen this pic of Gundy. Wish I hadn’t seen this pic of Gundy. (Dr. Saturday)

Not sure how you wouldn’t have seen this but Gina says the Big 12 apologized to Mike Gundy yesterday. (NewsOK)

Also @glang1 says Gundy doesn’t have a statement. (Tulsa World)

Not even an honorable mention on the preseason women’s All-Big 12 team. (Big 12 Sports)

Cool story here on Barry Sanders’ trip to London. via @pokelahoma (Wall Street Journal)

Good point here by Boomer, per the usual. (NewsOK)

CRFF ranks the Big 12 teams. (CRFF)

I do love Desmond Roland. (NewsOK)

KSU, Tech, TCU, WVU – my predictions for this weekend. (ESPN)

New tennis facilities look great. (okstate.com)

Big moment for PFB, Amilian makes the Oklahoman, my video is posted. We’re taking over. (NewsOK)

I wish this was actually a thing: Travis Haney on the merit-based top five. (ESPN Insider)

Anyone who still makes noise about Colt McCoy doesn’t want to see the truth. You can’t help them. (Dawgs By Nature)

This just crushes me. OKC Dave is despondent. Whatever Monken, lose the Under Armour gear. (NewsOK)

Not sure if you guys knew this, but SB Nation has a longform page now. And it’s awesome. (SB Nation)


Berry Tramel did a Google hangout yesterday on NewsOK.com. The results were terrifying…

Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 10.19.54 PM 2

Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 10.22.12 PM

Excellence here, every OSU offensive play against Texas.

OSU’s next opponent can’t even hit game-winning field goals in practice.

  • Mark

    Man I hate to say it but I agree with Jenni, you can’t overturn that game. What if the ball is fumbled in victory formation? On the flip side, I could be in agreement with overturning a game’s outcome if the play in question was with the clock expired… Thus no more plays from scrimmage and no more unknown variables. I also agree with Monken, and yeah I enjoy reading stats, so dont stop posting them, but the wins/losses stat is the only one that ultimately amounts to anything more than jack squat. And finally, I don’t know what goes on in a typical football practice, but the Kansas vid – wth are they doing? Really?

  • Berry looks like he came from a Mugatu-induced hallucination in Zoolander.

  • Marlena

    Barry was called unexpectedly and had to cover his bloodshot eyes. Now the question is wonder what he was doing prior to the video chat??

  • Jerod

    Practicing a celebration? Kansas isn’t even remotely close to coming up with a winning season and Weis has them practicing celebrations? Now we know what’s wrong with Kansas. I figure they’d practice something useful, like offense…or tackling…As long as KU continues to do things like this, they’ll remain the laughing stock of the B12.

  • Nate

    But guys you’re missing the point… KU is going to have PLENTY of time to practice how to celebrate. Eleven months from now when they squeak out their next win against North Dakota State, they are really going to know how to do it.

    Maybe they’ll bring all 25 of their students that come to the games into practice to practice tearing down the goal posts.

  • Nate

    The Morris kid finally wrote something decent. Boone was just awesome last Saturday. Similar atmosphere to GIA 7-8 years ago.

  • Jadecy

    Does anyone other than myself find it odd (unfair) that Pachall can get a DUI, almost hit a cop car and he gets to dress for the game (not to mention admitting to doing X and failing a drug test) but Dez Bryant tells a “lie” and the NCAA suspends him for the remainder of the season?

    DUI >>>>> LIE

  • That Kansas video is just… surreal. Can anyone verify if that’s Weis doing the yelling?