Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Big happy birthday to pistolsmom today. Her surprise party is to thank for the late bullets today.

Must read of the day – more details emerge about how Boone and Holder lost $33M. (Bloomberg Business)

Amazing read on the current state of the Big 12. via @OKC_Dave (Football Outsiders)

Le’Bryan gets preseason All-Big 12 honors, Smart gets honorable mention. Yeah, we still have basketball! (Big 12 Sports)

Gundy wants Texas Joe Randle the rest of the season. (NewsOK)

Interesting, there’s a new GoPokes.com, it looks solid. (Go Pokes)

List of OSU freshmen who will probably redshirt. (NewsOK)

OSU ranked 4th in recruiting right now, behind Texas, OU, and Baylor. (ESPN)

Please don’t let this be us. (NewsOK)

The five best freshmen of September. (ESPN)

Interesting post here by Slater ranking the Big 12 quarterback situations. (NewsOK)

OSU has the best and worst BIg 12 games of September. (ESPN)

Hah, this is pretty funny. (CRFF)

Facebook hits 1 billion users. (WSJ)

I haven’t read this yet but there’s no way it’s not great. (ESPN)

Cool piece on the BPS advantage…

Looks pretty good. I feel like Catherine Zeta-Jones has looked exactly the same for the last 15 years.

  • Looks like scout took their cue from sbnation. Solid design, and responsive to boot.

  • Cincinnati

    I was really unimpressed with the new GoPokes site.

    • Better get used to it. Half the internet is going to look like that very soon.

      • But I will say it needs to be wider in the main content area throughout the site. That is a mistake for a site with message boards.

  • Cincinnati

    A bit tongue and cheek from me – i couldn’t pull the site up

  • Looks like PFB was ahead of the curve on site redesigns. Everyone is going to the white template now.

    • Glad everyone is going responsive design now too.