Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where GIA > Boone when they’re both at their apex.

So Walsh is still the starter. (NewsOK)

Weird that the winningest QB in school history is 0-5 in the NFL. (okstate.com)

Why this year’s OSU team could be just like 2004’s tOSU. (Tulsa World)

Travis Ford cannot be excited about this list because there are officially no excuses now. (CBS Sports)

Good read here to back up what I was saying yesterday. (Dr. Saturday)

More on Laquon Treadwell. (MGoBlog)

Good post here noting that the RRR is no longer the conference’s premiere event. (ESPN)

Gundy doesn’t even call the best player in school history by his own name. (Tulsa World)

Is it bad that my favorite part of this is Gundy saying “I don’t know what [Arkansas] is doing now.”? (NewsOK)

KU offered Joe Randle….in fourth grade. (NewsOK)

Dickie V ranks OSU 40th in his preseason poll. via @stufoster85 (ESPN)

Kansas does similar stuff to Texas with inferior athletes? I’m pretty confident in 3-2. (Rivals)

So if somebody could mosey on over to the practice field on, say, Thursday…I’d appreciate it. (Tulsa World)

Pretty proud that I posted yesterday on yards per play and Monken talked about it today. Also, what’s Saban’s deal? (O’Colly)

Good article on the turnaround of the Big 12. (Yahoo!)

Ubbs ranks us 6th in the Big 12. Right behind Baylor. (ESPN)

Paul Myerberg ranks OSU #41 in the country. Pretty specific. (USA Today)

I laughed.


Big fan of this…

I’m trying to get a feel for this, would appreciate you filling this out real quick.

  • Cincinnati

    “Where GIA > Boone when they’re both at their apex.”

    I moved away and have not been to GIA after they expanded. Assuming both at capacity, would the apex be before or after the expansion?

  • Cowboys4ever

    You might get a couple shirts out of me if the shirts are extra tight. And I mean tight as in cool or trendy, not a schmedium.

    • I have a theory. I think the current BCS system favors defensive teams over offensive teams. Why? Because of the long period before the championship game. OU had an all-world offense in 2008 but came out flat against Florida, but Florida’s offense didn’t look too hot either, and it’s not like that OU team was known fora stellar defense. Neither Auburn or Oregon looked that great. And in the Fiesta Bowl, it took a while for OSU and Stanford to find their offensive rhythm. In my mind, it’s easier to play defense after a long layover, as opposed to playing sharp offense.

      Perhaps with the four team playoff (with the first round closer to Jan 1), this will be less of an issue.

  • thundrup

    Boone > GIA.
    A championship basketball program makes a U relevant for one month out of the year.
    A championship football program makes a U relevant year-round.
    See the Phoggers in Kansas, they didn’t even have a seat at the table during conf realignment and TV contract drama.

    • Nate

      You are dumb.

  • OSUaggie

    I suspect the SEC sees the writing on the wall vis-a-vis the spread/air raid and in a conference where defenses gear first to stop the run, an offense like WVU or OSU has to worry them mightily…..great pass offense along with seriously good running backs. Might explain why Saban keeps trying to downplay “all this scoring” as not what people want to see. Yeah, viewers like those 9-7 games; those are exciting to watch….

    • Sean

      I live in Alabama and have to listen to this Offense vs. Defense talk all the time. One of my friends who is a big Alabama fan had to travel to Boise and went to watch the Boise State / BYU game that ended 7-6. He talked about how boring it was to watch. I asked him how it differed from the 9-6 Alabama / LSU game last year. I think I may have finally been able to get the point across.

  • Upgrayedd

    When does the new baseball schedule come out?

  • Was at the Browns-Giants game on Sunday. When protected in the pocket, Weeden is deadly. Some Giants fans near me commented on that. Make him move, and not so much. The pick near the end of the first half was a back breaker cuz they were moving the ball. The end zone pick was also a killer. His interceptions aren’t unexpected, but they have been “critical” in that most of them have resulted in points for the opponent or killed scoring opportunities for the Browns.

    Big problem, and it’s hard to think about this, but this is only Weeden’s 4th year as a starter, and really only his 4th year really playing. Add to that he only has 3 consecutive years playing and starting, and he’s about as green as it gets for an NFL QB.

    Add to that a group of receivers that specializes in drops, and you have a recipe for crap. Gordon looks good. I only recall Weeden throwing to Little (the dropmeister) once, and it was over his head. Norwood also looked decent. Richardson is a beast. The OL is not that good…just ok pass blocking, and really bad run blocking.

    Defense has suffered some important injuries and suspensions. They should improve as the season goes along.

    Not so confident with the coaching staff either.

  • “We feel really good about our front seven against the run,” defensive coordinator Bill Young said. “We’re playing a defense that’s designed to stop the run, and you’ve got to stop the run before you do anything else….”

    He does realize what conference we play in, right?

  • Renee C

    I’d buy a t-shirt if it featured Iba the Wonder Dog:)

  • Victor


    That is all

  • thundrup

    GIA circa early to mid 90’s > Boone > current GIA
    What’s greater: Rutherford & Country or Weeden2Blackmon???

  • thundrup

    GIA circa early 90’s > Boone > current GIA
    What’s greater: Rutherford & Country or Weeden2Blackmon???