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Daily Bullets



Happy first official day of college basketball season!

Things are getting pretty heavy around here what with a title-worthy football and the hoops season about to be in full swing, so we’re splitting up the Bullets today. First round here and the second round should be up around 10 AM.

Weeden: “I remember in 2007, we were just excited to go to a bowl.” Great synopsis by Brett McMurphy. (CBS Sports)

Jenni Carlson says the game of the century got upended on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Tracy Moore: “I was definitely in that zone.” (NewsOK)

When you use the phrase “…another quasi-interesting algorithmic note…”, you’re going to get a link in the Bullets. (Dr. Saturday)

Granted, I didn’t read all of them, but James Poling’s game story was the best I read this weekend. (O’Colly)

Travis Ford says OSU has a chemistry that wasn’t there last year. (Tulsa World)

Vote for Weeden as the All-America player of the week here. (ESPN)

Boone reminiscing on Bob Fenimore is all kinds of awesome. (O’Colly)

Cowboys got the “thought you’d kick butt, you didn’t” label from Rivals this week. (Rivals)

Berry Tramel says the title game needs this OSU team. (NewsOK)

OSU is looking at a 6’5 322 lb. offensive lineman. (NewsOK)

For those who haven’t read about the Penn State scandal: here’s the depraved version, and here’s the version that will make you physically ill. Clay Travis says you have to get rid of Joe Pa right now, like this week. Folks, the Ohio State and Miami scandals are petty compared to this one, they’re not even in the same league. This is one of the most detestable things I’ve ever seen in sports.

Stat of the day here…

Highlights of the Kansas State game, if you can stomach them…

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