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Where we’re just trying to forget Saturday ever happened.

Jenni Carlson grades the KU game. (NewsOK)

John Klein doesn’t think OSU will win any of the rest of its games if it plays like it did against Kansas. I concur. Can you imagine a 3-9 team? Yikes! (Tulsa World)

Gundy is glad OSU didn’t have to try and defend a game-winning drive. (NewsOK)

Really good recap of what went wrong on Saturday. (Tulsa World)

Charlie Moore is back (just like Florida State, Green Bay, and Tiger)! (NewsOK)

Goodness, Cowgirls got outshot 25-6. (okstate)

The rain might have sucked but it makes for some strong photos. (NewsOK)

Sooooo about Darrell Williams. Yeah, he’s free now, a registered sex offender, but no more jail. (Sports Illustrated)

The best senior class in school history is almost done at OSU. (O’Colly)

Sick throw from Weeden here (how many times have I written that?) Even sicker catch. (SB Nation)

Game notes for Saturday. This should just be 25 pages of Boone’s middle finger. (okstate)

Gundy said the team didn’t pack food in case of a weather delay. Because we’ve never experienced a situation like this bef…wait. (NewsOK)

Love this method of ranking the team. (Scout)

These are amazing. (Sports Illustrated)

Interesting: Berry Tramel still thinks OSU is worse than Baylor. (NewsOK)

Charlie Weis is weird but he’s right here about who was dominating the 4th quarter on Saturday. (Rivals)

If you can’t read between the lines about how little Monken trusts Walsh with this offense…I mean, what does he need to do to prove it to you? (NewsOK)

A revenge game if there ever was one… (NewsOK)

Interesting description of Weeden’s interception issues here. (Plain Dealer)

Not sure I understand what Gundy’s trying to say here about playcalling. (NewsOK)

Good breakdown from the KU side on what happened in the game. (Rock Chalk Talk)

Uh…I’m not sure Joe Randle much wanted to talk to Ubben. (ESPN)

On Weeden’s first W. (NewsOK)

Jenni on how we should view the Kansas game. (NewsOK)

John Helsley on the start of basketball. (NewsOK)

Is Monken wearing a leopard-print tie?

Saw the first one, will definitely see this one. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think this says about my political views.

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