Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where we don’t even know if Buffalo has bloggers.

OKC Dave has created an OSU stats account on Twitter that’s going to be something you want to follow. I’ll be helping contribute as well…

Gosh, only Buffalo has fewer turnovers forced than OSU. (ESPN)

Is it just me or does it seem like kickers care more about other kickers than their own teams? (NewsOK)

Joe Randle and Quinn Sharp make the midseason All-American list. (Sports Illustrated)

If you want a “the NCAA hates OSU” smoking gun, this is going to be it if JPO doesn’t get his eligibility. (NewsOK

I don’t know if he’s the best coach OSU has ever had, but he definitely has the best name. (NewsOK)

Ubben has Bedlam as the 5th best remaining Big 12 game. (ESPN)

Transcript from Ford presser. He says “young” five times in eight minutes. (Big 12 Sports)

Hah, Joe Wickline doesn’t think Jonathan Rush should be talking. (Scout)

Brandon Weeden not a top five all-time OSU football player. Hmmmm… (O’Colly)

Interesting look at the college football midseason report. (Sports Illustrated)

Mike Gundy is a Paul Rhoads fan. Who isn’t? (NewsOK)

Don’t kill me for this but does it seem like Darrell is…um…kind of getting off easy considering what he was convicted for? (Stillwater NewsPress)

Needless to say OSU is not involved in the first college basketball poll. (USA Today)

At what point do we start throwing out the r-word for Lunt? (NewsOK)

This is the most Nash advice ever. (Tulsa World)

Gundy’s best wins and worst losses. (NewsOK)

OSU — not fans of ISU linebackers. (Tulsa World)

Zach Lowe is somebody you should be reading. (Grantland)

The Weedens went pumpkin carving with Cooper last night…

Isaiah Anderson often forgets what uniforms OSU is wearing which actually explains a lot.

  • Walter Sobchek

    R as in ‘redshirt’? Can he still redshirt (assuming no medical redshirt?) or am I the other R word, ‘retarded’?

  • Nate

    This Lunt stuff is really starting to worry me. If we don’t see him play Saturday, I don’t think we’ll see him play the rest of the year.

    • If they’re thinking “medical” redshirt, I’m thinking Walsh starts. If he struggles, Lunt goes in. If Walsh is successful, then they hold Lunt out another game and he is essentially done if that is their goal. If Lunt starts, then I don’t think they were considering it at all, just didn’t want to take any chances against a crappy opponent last week.

      Lunt has appeared in 3 games…if he shows up against Iowa State, wouldn’t the “medical” redshirt be done? I’m pretty sure the rule is participation in LESS THAN 30% of the teams competitions? The Cyclones would also be the halfway point, so if he doesn’t play against them, and that’s what Gundy and crew want to do with him, then he would be done for the rest of the season, as he also can’t make any appearances after the midway point, and Iowa State is game 6 of 12.

  • Cody B.

    Love Weeden but there is no way he is a top 5 player. I think the O’Colly has a pretty legit list. Weeden needs more postseason brass plus it’s really easy to discount players from another era.

    • I guess I just don’t see how you keep the best QB in school history off the list…?

      • Wow, I’m kinda slow. I was thinking “but they haven’t had #1 yet…”. But then I thought about it a little longer.

    • Nate

      haha and you are wayyyy off. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

      1. Sanders

      the other 4 in no order:

      • Name

        Dez> blackmon

  • orangestateofmind

    Anyone have inside information on Lunt? I am not concerned based on the public information, and I expect to see him start the game.

    – Gundy and Monken said he was available last week, if needed. The game was so choppy at the beginning that they probably felt decent being up 10-0 at half. Also KU had shown the ability to keep games close in the first half and then being routed in the 2nd half.

    – Gundy originally said 2-3 weeks on the injury, its now week 4.

    -This week Gundy has said Lunt is day-to-day.

    – The coaches know we need to be able to stretch the field against ISU, they shut our run game down last year and they have personnel to limit the run again this year. Lunt’s arm will be needed to make plays and stop them from loading the box.

    – Any news on Jeremy Smith? Kyle has written in the past about how much better we are when smith and randle are both rolling. I am much more worried about how much smith can play vs if lunt will be ready.

    • Pat Jones just said on the Sports Animal that he expects Walsh to start. Didn’t hear the context of the statement, though.