Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Toughness, effort, discipline, no excuses. Finish.

This is difficult to read. (NewsOK)

Really cool interview with Terry Miller here. Our offensive game plan was very different. Hah! (O’Colly)

I kind of doubt they haven’t at least talked about the r-word for Lunt. (NewsOK)

Brendon Morris and I did a little Q&A for the O’Colly. (O’Colly)

ESPN is offering the OSU-portion of the Blue Ribbon Yearbook for free. Not a ton of stuff in here you haven’t already read but the Mark Few/Marcus Smart part was intriguing. (ESPN)

Berry thinks Walsh will play tomorrow. Stoops doesn’t care who plays for Kansas and he basically says as much. (NewsOK)

Jason King is surprised more people aren’t talking about OSU. (ESPN)

Mike Gundy, Sean Payton, and…Jon Gruden? (NewsOK)

Lane Taylor and Joe Randle make the midseason All-Big 12 team, Quinn Sharp does not. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel picks Iowa State. (NewsOK)

The Darrell Williams appeal. (Tulsa World)

Monken is a fan of ball security. (NewsOK)

The best preview of the game you’ll read today. (Cyclone Fanatic)

What is Oklahoma State’s ceiling? (ESPN)

Baylor has two of the five best incoming freshmen. OSU, Kansas, and Texas have one each. (ESPN Insider)

Wow, Fran Fraschilla implies that OSU could win the Big 12 this year. (ESPN Insider)

Pretty funny preview of the game. (WRNL)

OSU has to be the most hyperbolic team in the country. We’re either the best or worst for any given statistic. (ESPN)

For the ladies, this is pretty slick. h/t @kaycieporter (Project Nursery)

There’s some pretty amazing ish in here. (Siriusly Meg)

Really interesting look at why 538 might not be that legit. FTR I still like 538. h/t @mikenyc24 (Red State)

This is amazing. h/t @glang1 (Vimeo)

Yes the front of the O’Colly today is money.

From the OTHER 40.

  • durantok

    Ayn Rand earlier this week and now links to Redstate conspiracy theories?

    I come to this site to read about OSU sports not right wing BS. Leave your politics somewhere else.

    • Haha, nobody’s holding a gun to your head, bud. Though if they were I’m sure you’d figure out how to blame me for the second amendment. I pass along links I find interesting, nothing more nothing less.

      • durantok

        You, like Bo, make a lot of assumptions about me. I have no problem with the 2nd amendment. If I want to read about right wing conspiracies I’ll go to the Drudge Report.Since you want to intermingle right wing stuff with OSU sports, I’ll go somewhere else to read about OSU sports like NewsOK or the Tulsa World since that sems to be the majority of your links. See ya!

    • Geoff

      Look at that, it’s a angry liberal. What a novel concept… (absolutely sarcasm).

    • Cody

      Could not agree more. I understand it’s your blog and you can put whatever you’d like on it. But the more political links, the less I’ll visit the site. It’s (political BS) not why I come here, and it seems like I’m not the only one.

      • You not coming to a site because it has one link (of 22) to some political commentary in which the author of the site does not give his/her opinion sounds like a you problem and not a me problem.

      • gauchomigo

        maybe not the only one (that whines), but close enough.

        Read the blog, or not. Click on the links, or not. It still is a free country. But making threats to influence the content? It’s not like you paid anything to visit.

  • Hurley

    Kyle, I’m a liberal. But I’m also a big PFB fan. i visit the site multiple times a day, and I follow you on twitter. Basically, I have a stalking problem. But when you put right wing links in your Bullets, I…..um…..don’t click on them. I click on the OSU stories.

    It’s your blog, Kyle. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll keep reading and following.

    • I support your stalking problem.

      I also support your freedom to choose whether or not you’re a liberal or a conservative.

      Thanks for reading.

  • Kyle doesn’t need defending, but seriously, if you’re going to get your little knickers in a twist (or should I say panties in a wad) over 1 link out of 20+ each day, then more power to you in your quest to find blogging purity. I look forward to seeing each day what oddball thing Kyle will put up, along with all the other football stuff.

    Oh yes…it’s FREE. So either quit ur bitchin or get busy trolling TW or NewsOk.

  • Kevin

    Haha, some people… geez.
    Anyways… If Lunt doesn’t start, redshirt him. We go 7-5 at best. I like Walsh because of his attitude and effort, but his arm won’t help us win games. I am terrified of tomorrows game. There is equal chance we get beat, blow them out, or win by 1. Defense holds the key to the season, time to step up and begin to create those turnovers!

  • Jadecy

    Liberal or Conservative isn’t the issue, I get tired of opening Facebook and seeing post after post of people talking politics…the point being is that PFB was (should) be a nice haven from that where we can read OSU / Big 12 related articles.

    I’ll still read it everyday, but I’d be a much happier reader if it were done politics free.

    Go Pokes!!

  • Greg

    Right wing? Conservative? Kyle posted a link that suggested I eat Oreo’s with a fork. A FORK! Clearly Kyle is a communist. You lefties should unite and make Kyle your king.

    Keep up the good work your royal highness… err…Kyle. Been outta town and now I gotta go find that Ayn Rand link!

  • Bo

    Geez, is durantok still hurting from our little disputation the other day, or what?! It’s never a good idea to go against the free market! (Of which, Red State and Drudge Report are NOT fully proponents of, btw.) LewRockwell.com is a good place to start for those who are curious (durantok).

    Kyle, I like to see things that are awesome (Broderick Brown to Sean Lewis INT’s) and, sadly, things that are not (train wrecks). That being said, keep giving it to us the way your brain filters it. Its seems like that’s been working fairly well.

    Everyone else, you all are whiners. Is there a more free and voluntary place than the internet?! Go find what you want; toss what you don’t want. The truth is, it sounds like all of you have a little bit of a confirmation bias in your information gathering. (Which, durantok, is the act of seeking to confirm your biases.)

    It’s true I’m picking on you (durantok), but you did say “I’m a pretty big ol’ boy.” on the internet during our last exchange. That’s a credibility killer in my book. And hilarious.