Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where a ring finger injury can’t sideline me for a week, much less the season.

I wrote about whether or not Walsh and Lunt can redshirt last night. (PFB)

But wait, there’s controversy about how long Walsh will be sidelined… (Star-Telegram)

Pretty much agree with this. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel really thought Gundy was joking about Walsh yesterday. (Tulsa World)

Really like this midseason report from Gina. Well researched, well done. (NewsOK)

TCU game notes. (okstate)

It used to just be white guy rhetoric, now it’s legit. (NewsOK)

This got so buried over the weekend but…crap. (NewsOK)

Somebody who made a big play on Saturday and has the number four on his jersey is out for the season. (NewsOK)

Red Sox name former OSU baseball player their manager. (ESPN)

So we have a true freshman who hasn’t played all season starting now. Kind of. (NewsOK)

Walsh gets a helmet sticker for his efforts. (ESPN)

We’re recruiting a QB named “Justice.” (NewsOK)

Savannah State doing work! (New York Times)

Gottlieb’s new co-host is not ugly. (NewsOK)

Ubbs still thinks OSU will go to the Meineke Car Care Bowl. (ESPN)

Hah! Failing to do with two hands what Lowe did with one. (NewsOK)

Really agree with what’s said at the top of this post. Our expectations are silly. (CRFF)

Paul Rhoads was actually proud of his D for only giving up 31. (NewsOK)

How about this dropped TD Weeden tossed 50 yards off his back foot? (Dawgs By Nature)

Chuck Moore with some intriguing insight on his long TD catch. (NewsOK)

Pat Jones is proud of Mike Gundy. (Tulsa World)

Welp, this is null and void…and I didn’t agree with it to begin with. (NewsOK)

Agree with this — this wasn’t as much a revenge game as it was just a good win. (Tulsa World)

This was the underrated storyline of Saturday. (NewsOK)

This is just…amazing. (The Big Lead)

I also think this is where JW tore his knee up.

Oh sad Dana. (Twitter)

This is what we should have worn!


Your reminder that Twitter can still be used for good…

Old OSU football players in Stillwater for homecoming.

Monken always looks like he just got done with a 4-hour workout during his interviews…

  • R00st3rPokes

    After disappointing news out of Stillwater, I was glad to see Weeden had a game without any picks. Go Pokes!

  • Monken is the best. One questions yields at least 2 minutes on various topics. Absolute gold.

  • Marlena

    I agree that is the play J.W. got hurt on. He got up really slow and had a serious limp for quite awhile. My husband recorded the game for me so I forwarded to that play to confirm that was it. If you look at future plays after that, you can see the pain and grimaces on his face. On some plays to avoid getting hit on the leg after passing, you can see him hopping on his left leg to protect the right one. Sad to see him out for the season as I felt he was improving as he got more reps.

  • David

    “This time, with under two minutes to play, the Browns went for it. Weeden’s pass to WR Josh Cooper over the middle fell incomplete. The Colts were able to run out the clock after that, with the game-sealing play coming after a missed tackle by Brown.” I guess Cooper is playing at least a little, then?

  • Cooper is playing! I know he’s had several receptions. I’m a big fan and my boyfriend keeps me informed. 😉

  • Adam

    How many times has a school had two freshman throw for over 400 yards in a season? I imagine we’re on a pretty short list there