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In case you missed it, I split up the Bullets today because of the sheer volume of links from the weekend. Here’s part 1.

Also, here’s Herbstreit’s reaction to the 5.6 earthquake and Chris Fowler asking the longest question in history. (PFB)

Great stuff here by Gina on how important some of the role players were on Saturday. (NewsOK)

John Helsley on the best WR in the country. (NewsOK)

OSU has had unanswered scoring runs this year of 20, 27, 42, and 56. (Big 12 Sports)

Great post here by Ubben on the culture surrounding OSU right now. (ESPN)

Oklahoma State is the 7th team from the Big 12 to ever hold the #1 or #2 spot in the BCS rankings. (ESPN)

Tom Fornelli says Brandon Weeden’s Heisman hopes got a boost on Saturday. (CBS Sports)

John Klein says what I say, all this team does is win. (Tulsa World)

Can the defense hang on for three more games? Matt Hinton explores. (Dr. Saturday)

Holly Anderson doing her thing on OSU KState. (Sports Illustrated)

Love the mindset here by Gundy: enjoy the #2 ranking on Monday, forget about it on Tuesday. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls lose the Big 12 championship with 89:55 on the clock. (

Tom Fornelli says OSU won besically just because the clock ran out. (CBS Sports)

Brad Edwards says we’re a Texas Tech and Oregon win from seeing a rematch in New Orleans. (ESPN Insider)

Interesting: Gundy expected KState to go for two if they scored on the last play. (ESPN)

Stew Mandel has OSU in the title game. (Sports Illustrated)

John Rhode with a great stat here: LSU/Bama combined for 12 points in regulation. OSU and Kansas State combined for 12 touchdowns. (NewsOK)

In case you missed it in my superlatives yesterday, here’s a great postgame article from David Ubben. (ESPN)

TFord says OSU wouldn’t have beaten anyone on its regular season schedule yesterday. (NewsOK)

Gundy gold.

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