Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Trade Durant! Fire Presti! Westbrook isn’t even a top 20 point guard!

Solid read on how OSU helped shape K-State into what it is. (ESPN)

Sounds like Joe Randle really respects Bill Snyder. (NewsOK)

Ford talking about his squad. Good read. (Scout)

Great pic of Markel throwing down last night. (NewsOK)

To prove a point: how absurd would it be if we structured our offense around Phil Forte…because that’s basically what we did last year. (Scout)

Berry Tramel not buying the Cowboys on defense…I actually think I am this time. (NewsOK)

Gundy sliding into some coach of the year talk. (ESPN)

New helmet. (NewsOK)

Klein = Tebow. (Tulsa World)

Interesting look at why Joe Randle doesn’t have very many catches. (NewsOK)

Cool story on the relationship between Collin Klein and Cooper Bassett. (NewsOK)

I don’t think Ford has any clue what he wants to be offensively. (NewsOK)

Awesome look from Jimmie Tramel at his time covering OSU hoops. (Tulsa World)

Goodness gracious. (Rush The Court)

OSU ranked 17th in new golf poll. (Golf Digest)


Cinematic highlights from last weekend.

  • Walter Sobchek

    As a life-long Dallas Mavericks fan, I find myself conflicted with OKC fans. I get so annoyed when they talk about anything OKC related. I feel like, ‘You aren’t real fans! This team is brand new how can you like them? Why do you even care? Would you care if they were shit?’ Please help me not feel this way! I probably feel like this cause I had season tickets when they were winning 13 games a year in the 90’s. Help me not feel like a pompous ass hole!

    • CRJ

      I am not the biggest Thunder fan ever, but when you boil it down, you have a point of pride for your city. It may not necessarily be about stats, players, or wins, but a sports team is a manifestation of the work you put into your city and the pride coming from that work. So yes, the Thunder a new to the the area and yes, it is easy to point at the droves of Ed Hardy clad proles coming in from Midwest City shod in KD V’s. But at a base level, these guys are just proud of where they come from or where they reside and the Thunder is an acceptable way to express these feelings.

      • Walter Sobchek

        Man that’s a great explanation! I totally see that and I think that’s why the majority of Thunder fans are real good dudes and chicks. They’ve been longing to group up and cheer for something that matters. Kudos and good luck to your thunder. If you can spare any young talent, the Mavs could sure use some.

  • Keith

    Wes Lunt’s reaction at 2:14 is great.

    • Clint Davison (@IDPokefan)

      That was exactly going to be my comment. The “Weeden-esque” fist pump from Weston is AWESOME!!!
      GO POKES!!!!!!

  • Shep

    My thoughts on the basketball team’s performance last night: Smart & Forte were incredible. For true freshmen they bring a lot to this team. Smart is brilliant at pretty much everything. Forte is the 2nd coming of Ollie from Hoosiers minus the underhand free throws. Brown looked solid as did most the other starters. Nash on the other hand looks completely lost. I’m shocked that this kids (i saw the you tube video too) who looked so good in HS has been so underwhelming in college. He doesn’t move without the ball, he doesn’t box out, he stands arounds and does nothing until someone passes him the ball and then is so deliberate in his actions that he’s almost easy to guard. I mean if he can’t do anything against Ottowa, what do we expect out of him against KU or Baylor? There is also the fact that we will get out rebounded by just about everyone this year. But as a whole I liked what I saw last night. This team has potential if nothing else. Lets see what Ford can do with it this year. I think we’ll be better but I’m not sure we’re good enough to be #3 in the conference.

    • Nash struggled shooting but i was impressed by how much he was driving and dishing and looking for the other guys. I loved Smart and Forte. I also really like what I saw from Kirby Gardner. He’s going to be a really good backup pg behind Smart.

    • Nate

      This is just sad. If you or anyone else “takes something away” from last night or if you think you’ve learned anything about this team from playing Bixby’s JV team… Well, you just prove you don’t have a freaking clue

  • Cincinnati

    And one more thing to add for Walter – speaking only of myself, I went to OSU and my cousin went to OU. We have always been good friends, but on the opposite sides of sports teams. For the first time ever we get to follow a team together and it is really really fun. We are both big sports fans, but we mirror each other in that we both get a bit too emotionally involved in our teams. So there has been an odd dynamic in that we have never talked about sports, at all. But now we have a reason to talk and keep in touch other than weddings and funerals. If not for my cousin I would probably have been a pretty casual fan; but now I am a League Pass getting, jersey buying, planning my week around watching games fan.