Daily Bullets

Can we start gambling on the 2016 election yet? Congrats to Nate Silver Mr. Obama on another four years.

Must read of the day on Chelf. Includes Monken talking about his Facebook profile! (NewsOK)

Andy Glockner has us in the dance. (Sports Illustrated)

Little known fact: Dana Holgorsen proposed this law during his short stint in Stillwater. (Stillwater Newspress)

So Justin Gilbert just got lazy? (O’Colly)

Putting numbers to the fact that if we don’t turn the ball over in Manhattan, we win. (SB Nation)

Sugar Bowl will be a new Big 12 destination bowl in 2015. (ESPN)

Joe Randle switched his major from engineering to economics. (Tulsa World)

Dana talks a lot about OSU here. Good stuff. (WVU Sports)

Is Marcus Smart the best frosh in the country? (Grantland)

So Dana knows exactly what we’re doing? Is that bad? (NewsOK)

This is cool.

  • “I think I can give a little bit more to the team, I’m not playing to my full potential.” Justin Gilbert in the O’Colly

    This qualifies as the understatement of the century.

  • G-Block

    WVU week – looking forward to Saturday!

  • Tyler

    Does Gilbert even realize what he’s saying? That’s the most absurd response I’ve ever heard. Personally, I’m fine with Peterson getting more reps.

    • I think that is exactly what they need to do…nothing motivates the right kind of good athlete than getting benched.

  • Walter Sobchek

    I think it should be President Obama, and then Mr. Obama every time you reference him after that. I was just and engineering major though so what do I know…