Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

One more day until college hoops is back!

Good OSU bball preview here. (Rush the Court)

I took a lot of things from [Gundy], and, from an offensive standpoint, he took a lot of things from me. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls roll in home opener. (NewsOK)

I want to know more about this Monken-Chelf conversation. (Tulsa World)

Ubben puts OSU on upset alert. (ESPN)

Charlie Moore could be your third string QB. (NewsOK)

Ian Davis is your Big 12 golfer of the month. (Big 12 Sports)

Mike Cobbins out for a month. (NewsOK)

If you believe in Squinky (and I do), this is excellent. (CRFF)

Falling: Joe Randle stock. (ESPN)

Only five guys have multiple 1,000-yard rushing seasons? (NewsOK)

Good look at the Sherman Smith training center.

  • Nate

    Key contributors lost: Cezar Guerrero, Fred Gulley.

    They sure use the term “key contributor” pretty loosely

    • Depends on what they are claiming those guys contributed to…

  • OSUaggie

    Ubbs dissin’ Randle should provide a little “inspiration” for the O-Line and Joe come Saturday…..I’m much happier as an OSU fan when we’re not getting any respect again….we seem to do better…

  • Walter Sobchek

    If it takes a mini-troll like Ubben to motivate us we have bigger issues.

  • @realchriswagner

    I seem to remember that completion date for the Sherman Center being this Christmas break.. that project just keeps getting pushed back and back.

  • TJ

    F*CK you Squinky!

    • TJ

      But in all seriousness that was a pretty awesome piece.