Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Back at it with the Bullets. Sorry about yesterday.

Must read of the day by Kelly Hines on James Castleman. (Tulsa World)

Big baseball recruit signs. (Scout)

Good preview of the Puerto Rico Tournament. (ESPN)

I love senior days. (O’Colly)

Refreshing outlook from a frosh. (Tulsa World)

Info on tickets for the Mississippi State game next year. (okstate)

Interesting breakdown of the QBs by Berry Tramel. Lunt haters will love it. (NewsOK)

Josh Stewart rising. (ESPN)

Some great links, quotes, and breakdown of Texas Tech. (Viva The Matadors)

Hunter Mahan’s trip to Israel. (Golf Week)

And a cool story to go with it. (Golf Week)

Cowboys ranked first in cross country. (USTFCCCA)

Stevie Clark taking his time. Btw, who isn’t Baylor recruiting? (NewsOK)

Nice work by John Helsley here on Alex Budke. (NewsOK)

Bowl request form due tomorrow. (okstate)

Great preview of OSU’s wrestling match in NYC. Via reader Justin Y. (Flo Wrestling)

Herbie says he would start Chelf, so there you go. (NewsOK)

Oh my. (Deadspin)

On Oregon’s offense and why there’s a misconception that teams like OSU and Oregon hate to run the ball. (Grantland)

Great read on ESPNs journey to the bottom. (Deadspin)

Really cool mini-doc on my boy Ben Allen.

On Air – Short Documentary with KOSU’s Ben Allen from Michael Molholt on Vimeo.

He’s so good.

Goal of the year? Goal of the year.

  • Walter Sobchek

    I’m pretty sure Bullet is the name of our horse, did you get his permission to use his likeness for your Links section? Gonna start trying to make a profit using his name on a shirt too?

    • CRJ

      Listen Walter this isn’t ‘Nam! We have rules! You can’t just go to a blog and start commenting man!

      • Walter Sobchek

        Oh, come on Donny, they were threatening castration! Are we gonna split hairs here? Am I wrong?

    • Well done.

  • Pokelahoma

    Does anyone actually hate an 18 year old freshman? I mean I admit I get a little tired of his admirers who look at his stats and say “yeah, but he throws hard. Evidence against him isn’t as important as how hard he throws” but the kid himself? He’s 18.

  • Cowboy-KS

    QB Comparisons: Has anyone mapped WR and RB injuries, along with QB performance?

  • D

    That Comment really tied the thread together, did it not?

  • The product that Travis Ford is putting out there is just pathetic. No hussle, no enthusiasm, no stinkin defense! Eddie Sutton must be shaking his head all the way to the tanning booth…..No bailout for Ford in 2012!

    • Scott

      we held them to 30% shooting. what would you like to see? 20%? would that be acceptable defense? like the tanning booth jab though – he’s taking his love of orange to another level

      • True they did shoot only 30% but to say we held them is a stretch. They missed at least half a dozen wide open 3 pointers. For as good as Nash played in the first half he played almost no defense the entire game. My biggest complaint is how uninspired this team has looked through 2 games. I love what Smart and Forte bring but other than those two there is almost no hussle on his team. It’s a complete 180 from the Sutton days.