Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

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Wow. (NewsOK)

Title #51. (okstate)

Joe Randle scored his 39th career TD on Saturday. Kind of gives more weight to Barry’s 39-TD regular season in ’88, huh? (NewsOK)

Good post previewing Bedlam. (Yahoo!)

Good read on Blackmon’s big day. (NewsOK)

Cowboy hoops cracks CBS’ top 25. (CBS Sports)

Another four-star for Ford? (Yahoo!)

Cowboys held opponents to 31% shooting in Puerto Rico. Love. (NewsOK)

Dana lost his mind on Saturday. (The Big Lead)

Cowboys move to #22 in AP poll. (AP)

Le’Bryan says he’s all about defense now. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls roll Weber State. (okstate)

And #21 in the Coaches. (NewsOK)

John Helsley on what could swing Bedlam. (NewsOK)

Myron Medcalf says Marcus Smart has changed a program. (ESPN)

I’m not as fast as I thought I was. (NewsOK)

Is Marcus Smart everyone’s favorite freshman? (CBS Sports)

This was definitely the story of the Tech game. (NewsOK)

Robert Allen is fired up about Thanksgiving. No, really. (Scout)

Zack Craig and Isaiah Anderson get helmet stickers. (ESPN)

Photos from Saturday. (NewsOK)

Wait, we already named a starting QB for Bedlam?! (NewsOK)

Good writeup on our basketball championship here. (The Dagger)

How does CBS have West Virginia in the Alamo Bowl? (CBS Sports)

The only person who didn’t think Walsh was out for the year was Walsh. Well yeah, and Kelly Hines. (NewsOK)

I’m down with this. We could play Oregon State for the rights to a logo. (ESPN)

Cowboys have won 12 of 13 at home. (NewsOK)

Some pretty wild numbers from the Tech game. (NewsOK)

Ubben says OSU better scare you. (ESPN)

Cool Q&A with Robin Ventura. (NewsOK)

Dancing Baylor fan. (The Big Lead)

Still lots of possibilities for an OSU bowl game. (NewsOK)

We made the news!

This conversation killed me.

Choo. Choo.

Game highlights.

If you haven’t seen Lester’s most recent performance, it’s incredible.

  • Tim Kelly

    Does he sound like Bill Cosby sometimes in that video?

    • Scott

      so glad he’s gone. He’s a cartoon character in real life. I’ll never forget the speech before Bedlam – one of the worst beat downs we’ve ever received.

  • That’s an awful lot of movement for a Baptist.

  • You need a caption contest for that Castleman photo.

  • TW

    How about a congrats to the former OSU standouts that dominated the Dallas v Cleveland game Sunday? OSU stars accounted for 29 of 43 points scored. Weeden 12, Dan Bailey 11, Dez 6…not too shabby…

  • Cole

    When was the last time both bball teams and the football team were all ranked in the top 25?

  • Schultzy

    Any idea when Stevie Clark decides to pick a school?

  • reformedsooner

    CarWalsh, Ubben? Really? Let’s go with JetWalsh. “I was…..inverted.”

  • Jon F

    Made the NCAAB front page on ESPN: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/

  • Chad

    Who do we have to talk to in order for “The Walshbone” to get some traction?

    • Scott

      we need to stop immediately with the Walsh/short yardage package. It’s terrible. He isn’t Klein, he isn’t Bell and he isn’t Tebow.

      • htownpoke

        Scott, don’t be a wuss….it’s fun…live a little.

        • Scott

          you need a big bruising runner for that package. Walsh takes one hit and flies backwards. He’s got good wheels for running in open space – the 2 yard line is NEVER going to be open space. I love the Monken is mixing it up – but this one has already run its course.

  • Scott

    also need to add a shoutout to Johnny hendricks for his 1st round KO of Martin Kampman in Saturday’s UFC PPV. Hendricks is the real deal. http://youtu.be/3bOdF5ANBas