Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Bedlam week is just the best.

In case you missed it yesterday, Choo Choo shirts are available now. (PFB)

I sure as hell don’t want to hear about them. (NewsOK)

They’re gonna need to. (Yahoo!)

Berry compares Kansas State’s Baylor loss with OSU’s Iowa State loss. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel on OSU’s ability to replace great players these days. (Tulsa World)

This is such a great point. (Sports Illustrated)

Terrific article by Jake Trotter on how the Bedlam gap has closed. (ESPN)

Nash and Smart sweep Big 12 weekly awards. (okstate)

OSU’s BCS hopes are still alive. (NewsOK)

Jeremy Smith wants to rename Oklahoma “the Cowboy state.” (O’Colly)

Great post by Shane Ryan on Marcus Smart. (Grantland)

Want Garth Brooks to come to GIA or BPS in 2014? Sign here, please. (Change.org)

You could really say this about both basketball and football right now. (Tulsa World)

Pat Forde takes a mini-shot at Gundy. (Yahoo!)

Pretty crazy stat about OSU in Norman here. (O’Colly)

It’s been long rumored that I had speed. I finally got to show it. (NewsOK)

Gundy’s right about team morale behind Chelf. You can see it. (Tulsa World)

Carson reppin’ PFB on the news. (KOCO)

We still think we’re fooling people? (NewsOK)

Quinn Sharp misses out on both punting and kicking awards. (ESPN)

Johny Hendricks. Wow. (The Big Lead)

Oklahoma State #20 in the new hoops poll. (AP)


Love you, Mike.

Here’s Keiton’s old Oklahoma prep rival doing big boy things in Maui.

Marcus Smart’s NC State game in four minutes.

  • Walter Sobchek

    When will people realize that it is not Gilbert/Brown’s call to play press, tight, or soft coverage on the ball? It blows my mind. Its the defensive call, not their personal decisions. Stop blaming them for playing off the ball.

    • OSUaggie

      Sorry Walter, the stats speak for themselves. They have taken a lot of crap over it in the media and on the blogs, they are stellar athletes and capable of better and I have not heard one-single-time where a defensive coach has stepped up this year and said “That’s-us-making-those-calls”….curious at best…

      • Walter Sobchek

        Are you serious? We play a base cover 3 most of the time with the corners getting deep thirds and OLB’s taking the flats. Corners normally start 6-9 yards off in this coverage. In a cover 2, corners have more of the flat area, unless the receiver goes vertical, and play a bit closer. Press and tighter on the line coverage is called based on blitzes or situations – but this is a call, not a decision by the corners.

        And please show me the stats you are talking about.

        • OSUaggie

          Brown and Gilbert.

          2011 stats

          10 interceptions and 25 pass breakups

          2012 stats

          0 interceptions and 10 pass breakups

        • Shep

          In my opinion the thing that is most irritating is the fact that they play way off the line yet continue to get beat deep. Gilbert in particular. I’ve lost count of how many times he bites on the first move and gets burned on the deep ball. The other thing that’s irritating is to see them play 10-12 yards off the line on a 3rd and 5. That’s a easy first down everytime. I’d like to see them bump and run on those 3rd and short situations. An occasional INT would quiet the sceptics too but that’s yet to happen either. Having said all that I’m happier overall with thier play the last 3 or 4 weeks. Gilbert’s actually jumping routes and breaking up passes. Will he get an INT this week? Man I hope so.

  • Walter Sobchek

    As far as the morale behind Chelf, I talked about it 8 days ago right here: http://pistolsfiringblog.com/whos-it-gonna-be-2

  • RW

    Sharp is not nominated for either kicking award?! Heck, I thought he might win both. He is crazy talented.

  • larry

    gilbert and brown continue to get torched on anything approaching double move. cannot have them press. they do not break on the ball worth a c**p, cannot play true zone. must have them off far enough not to give up TD on every play (past point of double move) and then tell them to get close. underneath stuff is gimme unless LB’s have dropped into that area (or our interception co-leader DL has dropped into area). problems start with gilbert and brown and affect entire ability to stop passing. FYI, the freshmen CB’s are really, really, really coming on fast. they just don’t have experience, but are getting it.

  • Hunter

    I dont know if you have seen this but under the Lou Groza Award page on ESPN, the picture next to Dustin Hopkins (from Florida State) is defiantly a picture of a OSU player. Looks like Dan Bailey. They actually have all the pictures wrong.