Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

I said UT was a top 12 job yesterday, some of you scoffed. Here’s my top 12 (no order): Bama, Florida, LSU, Michigan, tOSU, USC, Texas, OU, Notre Dame, Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee. I’ll listen to arguments for FSU and Nebraska, and that’s pretty much it.


Very cool, Berry responds to reader emails about his Gundy-Holder article. He says he’s always seen Gundy at SC, I’ve been calling Texas for like two years now. (NewsOK)

It was all Gundy’s if he wanted it. (CBS Sports)

Or maybe it wasn’t. (NewsOK)

We have nothing to gain in the Zombie Cotton Bowl, do we? (ESPN)

Yeah, this is true. (Tulsa World)

Well written on Gundy-Holder. (CRFF)

An OSU DL just won defensive newcomer of the year. #Mayans (NewsOK)

All-Big 12 team. Justin Gilbert at any position over Josh Stewart at WR? Also, how about the dude who didn’t begin or end the year as a starter winning offensive freshman of the year? (Big 12 Sports)

Weird, Stewart was on the first team according to the media. (NewsOK)

This is false. You run the table in the Big 12 and play three Savannah States, you still play for the title. Plus, Berry’s forgetting we’re going to the four team playoff in 2014! (NewsOK)

Another thoughtful post on Gundy vs. Holder. (CRFF)


Can we make this dude player coach? (NewsOK)

One NBA team official said Marcus Smart could be the #1 pick. (CBS Sports)

Brian Williams could be back in January! Our coaches are the worst faux doctors in the history of college coaches! (Scout)

Cut down on the tacos. How have I not been keeping a quote of the year log? (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart’s last loss before VT? A long time ago. (Rivals)

OSU is a great defensive team. Potentially elite. (NewsOK)


Read this. OSU ties and it’s just freaking amazing. (Grantland)

Oh Dana, the SEC media days would be unreal. (USA Today)

This would be awesome if it wasn’t so sad. (Outkick the Coverage)

Bro can write. (The Classical)

Awesome story about a D-III player. (The Dagger)

The most Marcus Smart sequence ever.

  • Nate24

    Texas isn’t a top 12 job.  It’s a top 5 job.

    • Ebarr12

      @Nate24 it’s a top 2 job

    • Kyle Porter

      @Nate24 Who said it wasn’t?

      • Nate24

        @Kyle Porter Ah you were talking about Tennessee.  For some reason I thought you were talking about Texas with your intro and first link.
        Tennessee might be top 12, but if it is it’s either 11th or 12th.  No higher.

        • Kyle Porter

          @Nate24 Agreed.

  • ryand84

    Kyle, here’s a link to the NFL Network doc “A Football Life: Barry Sanders” that I was talking about:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGQp90Rzj9M

  • KS1010

    I was watching ESPN yesterday on my lunch break, and they had a college football analyst (can’t remember who) rank his top 10 football coaching jobs based on criteria. Such things as commitment to success, booster backing, facilities, recuitability, on field success/trend, etc. His top 10 were in no particular order:
    Ohio State
    OSU (In place of OU bc of Boone and upward trend in success)
    Notre Dame

    • Kyle Porter

      @KS1010 Wow, I don’t think OSU is a top 10 job, over Georgia?!

  • BlakeWL

    After watching that Marcus Smart clip, the most impressive part is how he put himself in the perfect position for an offensive rebound after that pass. That’s the mentality all players should have.